15 Festive Plus Size Holiday Leggings

This holiday season, I really hope people get over this whole "you can't wear leggings as pants" lie. IMO, plus size holiday leggings are one of the comfiest things you can wear when you're chowing down on some turkey or being forced to sit through Christmas mass.

Let me just speak the truth: The holidays aren't all about snowflakes, gingerbread houses, or the N'Sync Christmas album. They can also be a really uncomfortable time of year, during which people you love may shame or question your life choices. While you can't control the fact that the uncle you only see once a year will inevitably ask you why you don't have a "real" job or that your grandma will likely tell you that you don't need another slice of pie, you can control what you put on your body.

Remember the episode of Friends when Joey wears Phoebe's maternity pants so he can eat an entire 19-pound turkey himself, and calls them his "Thanksgiving Pants?" I would like to think of leggings as the Thanksgiving pants you can wear year round. And this year, plus size retailers are making some really fun and festive options so you don't have to wear one of your 15 pairs of black leggings to that Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

1. Disco Red

ASOS Curve Legging With High Waist In Shimmer Disco, $18, ASOS

These festive red leggings really had me at "shimmer disco."

2. Black Velvet

Velvet Leggings, $40, Chubby Cartwheels

I remember always being forced to wear velvet dresses around the holidays as a young kid, likely because there's something so holiday about the fabric. Why not wear velvet as leggings instead of a dress?

3. Reindeer Cheer

Reindeer Cheer Fur Lined Leggings — Plus Size, $25, World Of Leggings

These reindeer print leggings aren't just adorable. They are also fur-lined so you won't freeze when you're outside with your family and cutting down your own tree.

4. Geometric Trees

Pine Trees Geometric Pastel Leggings, $36, Amazon

If you're Italian like me, wearing white leggings to Christmas dinner may not be the best idea. Pasta sauce is so very red. But these are totally chic for all kinds of holiday occasions that are sans pasta sauce.

5. Holiday Blues

Christmas Leggings, $20, Simply Be

Thanks to the zoom function on SimplyBe's website, you can see that these leggings are full of all things holiday cheer.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Stitches Leggings, $50, Etsy

Everyone has their favorite holiday movie that they watch each time December rolls around. While I am more of an Elf girl myself, these leggings are perfect for all those Nightmare Before Christmas fans.

7. Plaid Paradise

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Plaid Pull-On Leggings, $89, Macys

Who says that plaid is just for the pajamas you wear on Christmas morning? I love that the plaid on these Melissa McCarthy Seven7 leggings is subtle yet still makes a statement.

8. Sassy Symbolism

Pure Magic Microfiber Leggings — Sassy Symbolism , $28, Re Dress NYC

When I saw the print on these leggings, my first thought was that it looked like wrapping paper. Although the print is not overtly holiday-esque, I think the message of sassy symbolism is one that's necessary for this time of year.

9. Red And Rudolph

Jolly Reindeer Fur Lined Leggings, $22, Amazon

I picture wearing these fur-lined leggings with a big cozy sweater while sipping hot cocoa by a warm fire.

10. Solid Gold

Premium Gold Holiday Leggings, $60, Etsy

Y'all can keep red and green; metallic gold is my favorite holiday color and these leggings are a show-stopper.

11. Winter Wonderland

Wintry Wonder Leggings, $8, Modcloth

ModCloth has some seriously adorable kitschy holiday items on its site, and these leggings are one of them.

12. Cozy Chic

Intarsia Printed Legging, $10, Addition Elle

These printed leggings look so cozy. They are available in khaki or black, and both options are completely adorable.

13. Sequin Showoff

Junarose Plus Size Sequin Embellished High-Rise Leggings, $69, Macys

I like the idea of looking like a literal Christmas garland for the holidays. This is a season about sparkle and shine, so you better allow yourself the freedom to shine brighter than the lights on a tree.

14. Sugar, Spice, And Everything Spooky

Skull Fair Isle Sweater Leggings, $12, Torrid

Skulls aren't just for Halloween. These leggings are full of both spook and holiday cheer. Plus, they are sweater leggings, so they will likely be warm as hell, too.

15. Sweet Enough For A Snowman

Happy Cute Snowman Capri, $38, Happy Cute Snowman Full Length Leggings, $40, Amazon

As someone who is a fan of dressing in in-your-face garments, I like that these leggings are aggressively festive. They are bright, bold, and super fun for the holidays.

Say goodbye to your plain black leggings and hello to OTT holiday cheer.

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Images: Courtesy Brands