13 Best Moments From 'How To Be Single' Trailer

I don't know what you've been doing, or what kind of sand dune you have your head shoved into, but it's time to come on out of there and get ready to be blinded by the trailer for How To Be Single , a movie starring Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson, coming out Feb. 12, 2016. It is literally the most kickass thing you'll see all day. For real. I have a pretty high bar for buddy movies of any kind, but especially ones starring women, because I feel like some of them shove really stilted female friendships down our throat. But I'm here to tell you that How To Be Single clears that bar in a single bound.

These women don't seem to be competing over a man, nor is Rebel Wilson being desexualized because of her appearance, nor is the so-called "awkward girl" actually just beautiful and shy and secretly really good at picking up men. Right out of the gate, that's three stereotypes that crop up all the time in movies "for ladies," but I can see that they won't be a problem at all in How To Be Single. And I'm betting that's at least in part due to the fact that two of the three writing credits on the screenplay are women — Dana Fox and Abby Kohn — and the cast is jam-packed with super talented ladies who aren't content to take a backseat in some B-storyline.

Can you tell I'm pumped up? Because I am! Here are the 13 moments in this trailer that have me seriously psyched for its release.

1. Dakota Johnson And Rebel Wilson As Costars

Johnson's comedic chops were one of the biggest takeaways from Fifty Shades Of Grey, so I'm thrilled to see her getting to flex those opposite another female powerhouse.

2. "Not With This Wallet, With The Sausage Wallet"

Hooking me early with a line like that! Where do I sign?

3. This Look From A Group Of Men

It's also the look I get when I try to get drinks bought for me in a bar because I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT. And I'm glad to see it finally accurately represented in a movie.

4. This Party Scene

I want to go to there.

5. Whatever This Is

Ooh, we're doing a funky thing where we light up numbers and stuff to give the audience information, and I'm into it!

6. Rebel Wilson Doesn't Want To Hook Up With You, Dakota Johnson, But Thanks

Thank you for not making this one of those movies where the best friend is always a little bit in love with the main character.


I've been intrigued since The Office and obsessed since Obvious Child, so excellent choice for romantic lead!

8. Real Hangovers

Finally, someone gets an actual hangover after a killer night out! I feel like that never happens, or they're just over it right away. People need to be talking about Pedialyte, bless you Rebel Wilson.

9. Alison Brie And Jason Mantzoukas

This Dream Team just keeps getting dreamier.

10. That Blur Behind Dakota Johnson Is Rebel Wilson Running Up To T*t-Punch Her For Using An Emoji

And I just can't think of anything better than that.

11. So Much Hunk In One Movie

Well hellooooo there, Damon Wayans.

12. This Time The Blur Is Rebel Wilson Running Up To Tell Her To "Stop Having A Moment"

It's the rom-com we need right now, just not the one we deserve.

13. Pubic Hair Jokes

It's 2015, we should be able to talk about this stuff.

Dude, I'm amped up. This thing looks so great and honest and aghhhhhh. I can't wait until it comes out. Take a look at the trailer yourself, below.

Images: New Line Cinema (14)