What's Your Travel Style? 4 Girls Show How Real Ladies Do On-The-Go Chic

Just a friendly reminder to all... the holidays are right around the corner! In addition to the wondrous promises of roasted poultry and pie, this means throwing on some comfy duds and hopping a train to your family home. Personally, my own holiday travel style basically aims to be the equivalent of wrapping myself in a down comforter. Then again, that's coming from someone who is in a deeply committed relationship with their comforter.

Whether you're of my ilk or not, one thing's for sure. As you consider the most important factors of choosing your travel outfit — squish factor, style, and versatility — it makes sense to ask yourself one question. How are other people doing this? You want to be as comfy as possible, but it never hurts to thoroughly enjoy your outfit. While in line at the rest-stop Starbucks, you don’t want to feel underdressed amongst your peers. On the flip side, your outfit should ideally be one you can fall asleep in, whether you’re on a plane, train, or automobile.

Before you turn to a Twitter poll to find that out, let us give you a hand. Bustle and UGG Australia have teamed up to profile four real humans on their own holiday travel style, their on-the-road must-haves, and of course, their favorite holiday delicacies.


Featuring: The Kristin Boot in Grey, $160; UGG Australia

Traveling to: Charlotte, NC

Her Travel Style:"I always try to keep it comfy and effortless but still stylish when I travel. I tend to opt for pieces that I know well and feel great in."

Her Travel Essentials:"Earphones and MacBook Air, Hada Labo Tokyo Hydrating Water and Milk travel kit, lip balm, and a fragrance spray."

What She's Most Excited About:"Spending the holiday with my best college friend and her family. I haven't seen her for three months, so the separation anxiety is very real. I'm also excited for my first Southern Thanksgiving!"

Her Fave Thanksgiving Side:"Sweet potatoes with walnuts and cinnamon sugar, twice-baked potatoes, squash casserole, roasted brussels sprouts... OH MAN!"


Featuring: The Kara Boot in Black, $260; UGG Australia

Traveling to: South Florida, where I grew up!

Her Travel Style:"I usually take really early morning flights, and as much as I'd like to roll into the airport wearing my PJs, the rules of society would frown upon such behavior (not to mention the frown my mom would have upon seeing her daughter wearing PJs in public). So, I go for an all black look. It's just as mindless as wearing my sweats, but looks more put together. And, of course, no travel outfit is complete without a cozy hoodie."

Her Travel Essentials:"Sanitizing wipes to wipe down the seat, seatbelt, armrests, and TV, Avene Thermal Spring Water spray, a book, and and enough podcasts downloaded on my phone to get me through a 3.5 hour flight."

What She's Most Excited About:"I am really excited to see my mom, but I am really, really excited to see my dog. In my defense, it's been three weeks since I've seen my mom, and six months since I've seen my dog."

Her Fave Thanksgiving Side:"For me, Thanksgiving dinner is all about dessert. Pumpkin pie, ILY."


Wearing: The Kristin Boot in Chestnut, $160; UGG Australia

Traveling to: Los Angeles, CA

Her Travel Style:"Traveling from the East to West Coast during the winter can be tricky, since it might be freezing when I leave NYC and 85 degrees when I land in Los Angeles. This means layering is my best friend. A well-worn pair of jeans, soft drapey tee, and cozy oversized cardigan cover all bases. Plus, the cardigan can double as a blanket in-flight."

Her Travel Essentials:"Some good noise-canceling headphones can make any flight 100 times better. Lip balm, tons of water, and hand cream are also musts."

What She's Most Excited About:"I'm just so excited to spend time at home with my family, see my cats, and enjoy the sun."

Her Fave Thanksgiving Side:"Stuffing! And mashed potatoes. Basically all the buttery, herb-y carbs."


Featuring: The Amie Boot in Navy, $200; UGG Australia

Traveling to: Long Island, NY

Her Travel Style:

"When I find the perfect oversized sweater, I do not take it off. This is especially true when I'm home for the holidays. I'll wear it day and night, whether I'm lounging around the house or going out (perhaps with my "fancy" jeans). When I'm traveling, I'll pair my sweater with some stretchy jeans, throw on a scarf that doubles as a blanket, and put on a jacket so my mom doesn't yell at me when I get off the train."

Her Travel Essentials:

"I love my Parrot Zik Bluetooth headphones — they're enormous, but they're super-noise-canceling (very necessary while on the Long Island Railroad). I normally don't go super-fancy with my tech gear, but these were a gift and they're basically magic. Other than that: an indestructible water bottle and a queue of podcasts."

What She's Most Excited About:“Spending some quality time on the couch and watching silly movies with my sister."

Her Fave Thanksgiving Side:"My uncle's mashed potatoes. And real cranberry sauce."

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