Best Memes From the Golden Globes Include Lena Dunham's Eye Roll & 9 Others

When an awards show is hosted by two of the funniest women in comedy, features drunk celebrities slurring words and holding their shoes, shows off Diane Keaton's singing voice, and, of course, has Jennifer Lawrence in attendance, you can bet that the Internet is going to have enough material to last the next couple of years. And so was the case with Sunday night's 2014 Golden Globe Awards, in which, during the course of the night, more meme-worthy moments happened than most viewers could keep count. Luckily for you, we've re-capped some of the best Gif-ed moments from both the red carpet and the actual show, below:

Elisabeth Moss Flips Off the Mani-Cam

Most award show viewers have a love-hate relationship with the mani-cam; we detest the fact that a Giuliana Ranic-approved manicure-spotlighting camera is something that exists, but when it seemed like it wasn't going to be a part of the Golden Globe red carpet pre-show, we found ourselves majorly disappointed. One person who doesn't have such a mixed view of the mani-cam? Top of the Lake star (and later, Golden Globe winner) Elisabeth Moss, whose thoughts about the device came across very, very clearly. Giuliana was less than pleased.

Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift

In true Jennifer Lawrence fashion, the actress snuck up on Taylor Swift, made a weird angry face, and proceeded to crash the singer's interview with Ryan Seacrest. And the Internet was happy.

Jennifer Lawrence's Dress

The photobomb wasn't the only part of the actress' Globes experience to go viral. Her dress was copied by everyone from a cat to a mermaid to a fellow celebrity, Arrow's Colton Haynes.

Lena Dunham's Reaction Face

And a thousand Gifs were born.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Out-Cooling Everyone

The Veep star being awesome, part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Amy Poehler Kisses Bono

Maybe "kiss" isn't the right word. More like "violently grabs his face and smothers him with her mouth."

Emma Thompson Being Drunk

Slurring her lines, holding her drink, and throwing off her shoes mid-presenting? And we thought we couldn't love Emma Thompson any more.

Mr. Golden Globe

Upstaging Sosie Bacon's Miss Golden Globe was Mr. Golden Globe, the moody, shaggy-haired son of Tina Fey. The boy went around asking celebrities if they were his dad, seeing as his mom refused to tell him. Some choices were likelier than others.

Bono Rejecting Diddy's Kiss

Super awkward normally. Even more awkward on live TV.

Breaking Bad winning Best Drama

Because it gave us this, one last time.

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Images: Getty Images; Tumblr; ColtonLHaynes/Instagram