How To Make Sushi From A Big Mac

Of all the important questions that exist in the world, how to make sushi from a Big Mac is the most relevant to my life. At this specific juncture, I cannot afford to eat sushi regularly, but I sure as hell can afford to eat a Big Mac. Thats why I was intrigued by the idea that a sushi chef can create something like a Big Sushi Mac in my lifetime. Watch out world, here comes your new favorite creation.

The last thing that I bought at a McDonalds was a 10 piece McNuggets meal with iced tea. I was desperate to beat the LA traffic on my way to San Diego. I knew that going to In-N-Out Burger (the greatest fast food place that ever existed) would take too long. So I bit the bullet and ordered myself something from Ronald McDonald's wheelhouse. That was the first time I've eaten there in four years. Which is crazy because I LOVED McDonald's growing up. As a kid in Russia, it was a huge event when they opened one in my city. We waited online to try this ~weird burger with fries~ that made us feel super American. I still have the toy I got in the Happy Meal — a LEGO plushie that we use as a New Year's Tree decoration.

It's been years since those days, but not so long in the past that I can't appreciate the glory of this "sushi". So kick back and watch the art of making a sushi out of a Big Mac:

1. Get The Ingredients Ready

You'll want to separate each component of the Big Mac. That means scraping off the sauce and cheese.

2. Make Some Bread Seaweed

You'll want to finely slice the bread into thin sheets that you can manipulate.


Place them on a sushi rolling board, and use plastic wrap to press the bread down to make a layer of it.

4. Add Your Ingredients

Time to add all of the ingredients you took out. Don't forget to add some FRESH produce to enhance the taste.

5. Roll That SH*T

Roll it up into a nice shape. Be gentle with it. This is art.

6. Cut It Up

Cut it all up into ten pieces.

7. Put It On A Plate

Presentation is key.


People tend to eat with their eyes. Plus it will make it easier to convince people to try and eat this if you at least make it look super fancy.

For the entire tutorial watch the full video below!

Images: YouTube