Take A Listen To Lily Allen's New Single

She may have taken a couple of years off to have babies and live her life, but Lily Allen sure is back now, if you haven't noticed. You probably have noticed, given the splash, both good and controversial, that her recent single "Hard Out There" made upon the premiere of its music video. Now we've got Lily Allen's newest single, "Air Balloon."

"Air Balloon" isn't a huge departure for Allen — it floats around on an irreverent pop bubble similar to everything Allen's shown us before. Then again, that's half the charm. And this one's actually got some literal things to float over, given... well, air balloon. You get it. Wordplay.

The album which houses "Air Balloon" and "Hard Out There" does not yet publicly have a title or release date, but "Air Balloon" will not be officially released until March 2. It will be her third studio album.

The song was co-written by Allen and Swedish songwriter/producer Shellback, and it's damn catchy. As for what the song's about for Allen, here's what she said about it in a recent radio interview:

My husband is constantly infuriated with me, because he'll be sort to be talking to me when were sitting down having dinner or something, and I'm looking at him, but I'm totally not paying any attention at all.

Sounds like a perfect subject for irreverent pop if you ask me.

Image: Getty Images