How To Make Friendsgiving More Fun With Games

Let's be honest, the best part of Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving. It's the night before, when you meet up with all of your old friends in your home town to get weird at a local bar. And it's the day after when you meet up to "exercise" but then end up lying around all day without a care in the world. Friendsgiving is the best part of Thanksgiving. Hanging with old friends in your old town is definitely a holiday-time-only treat for many. And making time to tell your friends why you're grateful for them is important and will strengthen your friendship.

When I get together with my high school squad over any holiday break, we always play games. With a big crew of people lying around, stuck inside due to the cold and surrounded by too much left over booze, games are totally necessary to both entertain and keep things from getting too turnt. And while there will definitely be a few friends who roll their eyes at you when you propose a game, give them a few minutes — they're going to see how much fun everyone is having and join in before you know it. Here are five games you can add to your Friendsgiving celebration to liven things up.

Macy's Parade Lip Synch Drinking Game

Everyone knows that the performers lip sync during the big parade. And even though these musicians have sang these songs hundreds of times, they somehow all fudge it up. Every time a performer messes up and reveals that they're not singing live, DRINK.

"Go Hunt" Drinking Game

Go Hunt is virtually the same thing as the card game Go Fish, it's just turkey style. Every time someone tells you to "Go Hunt", take a drink — OR trade your drink for 10 push-ups (if you have never seen your friends try to do push-ups drunk, then just trust me on this). Guess wisely, my friends.

Never Have I Ever

You probably played this game in high school with the same friends in the same basement. It only gets funnier and crazier as you get older. If you don't remember how to play: everyone sits in a circle holding both hands up. One by on you go around saying "never have I ever," followed by something you've never done. It can be anything in the world (though somehow it always ends up sexual), "never have I ever gone sky diving," "never have I ever had a threesome". If anyone in the circle has done it, they have to put down one finger. The first person to put down all of their fingers technically loses, but in theory they win because they're ballers for having so much experience.

Scavenger Hunt

This will require a little bit of prep work if you plan on being the organizer. Make a list of 10 to 20 tasks (if you and your friends plan on drinking, make sure none of the tasks include using a car). They can be photo assignments like "take a selfie with a kitten" or "take a picture of a man who looks like Santa". Or you can hide things beforehand around your neighborhood and provide clues to help your friends find them. Make the list as obscure or simple as you like with tasks like "bring back five perfectly round stones" or "walk down the street on your hands and knees like a dog". Go crazy with it. Just make sure your tasks are safe.

The Gratitude Game

The point of the game is to create a totally positive zone where only gracious and grateful remarks are welcome ... with the threat of punishment to keep your guests in line. If you plan on playing this game, let your guests know at the beginning of the night that they are only to mention things they are grateful for, if they complain about anything through the night, they will either have to drink, do 10 sit ups, or call someone on speakerphone and express genuine gratitude for them.

No matter what you decide to play, make sure you take the time to thank each and every one of your friends for all that they are and all that they do. It's okay to be extra cheesy on Friendsgiving, that's what it's for.

Images: Courtesy of Kaitlyn Wylde; Giphy (4)