What Do Bieber's 2 New Tattoos Mean?

Hey guys, I know you're all worried about the Golden Globes — who was best dressed, who will go on to win Oscars, why things that totally weren't comedies were nominated as such — but there are other things going on in the world today. Justin Bieber, for example. He's still around and he's making his presence known one of the few ways he knows how: taking selfies. Justin Bieber has recently gotten two new tattoos and he uploaded pictures of both of them to Instagram for our viewing pleasure.

Judging by what can be gathered from his Instagram, Bieber got a tattoo of a joker two days ago, then, yesterday, he got a tattoo of a compass. What does it all mean?! Why did he choose such a seemingly random combination? Here are some possible answers:

1. He fancies himself a little jokester who does silly things like throw eggs at his neighbor's house.

2. He considers the fact that he throws eggs at his neighbor's house funny, even though it definitely isn't, and used the joker tattoo to make light of the situation.

3. He knows his neighbor looks at his Instagram and would be furious that Bieber would go get a tattoo rather than replacing his expensive Venetian plaster.

4. He realized that the joker tattoo was a mistake and decided he needed some direction in his life via a compass tattoo.

5. At the tattoo parlor he decided he didn't need that much direction and got the compass on the back of his arm where it is out of sight.

6. He idolizes North West.

7. He was like "Man, people must think I stay in my bed all the time taking these pics, so I need to prove that I left at some point by getting new tats."

8. He doesn't know what to spend his money on besides tattoos and eggs.

9. He needed a good excuse to show his nipple on Instagram again.

10. He asked the tattoo artist, "What do most people get?" and then went with it.

Regardless of the real cause behind his decision, this probably isn't the end of seemingly random tattoos for Beiber. What do you think it'll be next time? A garden gnome and a typewriter? A super lucky cat and a monocle?

Images: Getty Images; Justin Bieber/ Instagram