15 Tights To Wear This Holiday Season

Holiday party season is almost in full swing, and that means one thing: party dresses! (Or, you know skirts). If you live on the West Coast where it's warm and sunny all the time, then you don't have to worry, but for those of us facing serious winter weather, exposed legs isn't exactly practical. But you don't have to resort to pants (unless you want to!), because there are so many options for cute holiday tights to wear this festive season.

I'm a huge fan of tights because not only do they keep you warm enough to still be able to wear skirts and dresses in the colder months, but they also give you so much room for creativity. From colors, to textures, to patterns, you can change up your look pretty drastically, even if you're wearing the same skirt over and over again. Plus, the best part? They're pretty cheap, so you can pick up multiple pairs to suit your mood.

Whether or not you prefer to stay a bit more basic and subtle on a day-to-day basis, holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to try out a pair of tights that's slightly more exciting. Shop these 15 pairs of tights to keep you stylish (and warm) throughout the holiday party season.

1. Festive

Pretty Polly Reindeer Tights, $15,

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer...looked really adorable on your tights.

2. Floral

Floral Tights, $18, ASOS

Going for a more romantic look? Try a pair of sheer, floral tights.

3. Patterned

Opaque Chevron Tights, $16,

Fun pattern + Christmas color — killing two birds with one stone.

4. Lace

Plus Size Lace Tights, $19,

Add an old-world feel with lace tights.

5. Knit

Cable Knit Tights, $15,

It's cold out, so keep yourself warm in winter white knit tights.

6. Polka Dots

Plus Size Dotted Tights, $19,

Polka dots add some whimsy.

7. Metallic

Hue, $14,

It's the holidays. You definitely want to sparkle.

8. Glitter

Glitter Fishnets, $16,

Make regular fishnets more holiday ready by choosing a glitter version.

9. Over The Knee

Over The Knee Tights, $13, ASOS

Don't want to spend money on OTK boots? Try OTK tights.

10. Christmas Tree

Pretty Polly, $20,

You should definitely be wearing Christmas tree tights while rocking around all those Christmas trees.

11. Rhinestones

Plus Size Rhinestone Back Tights, $19,

Put on the glitz.

12. Plaid

Hue, $11,

If you're not wearing as much plaid as possible this season, you're missing out.

13. Houndstooth

Pretty Polly, $25,

The classic fall/winter pattern is just as cute in tight form.

14. Heart

Plus Size Heart Tights, $19,

Bonus: These can double as Valentine's Day tights.

15. Burgundy

Plus Size Burgundy Tights, $11, ASOS

Tis the season to wear red tights.

Images: Topshop; ASOS; Lane Bryant