39 'Mockingjay Part 2' Questions That Need Answers

After three books, four movies and the skyrocketing success of the wonder that is Jennifer Lawrence, the end of The Hunger Games is here. It's bittersweet, but, as they say, all good things must come to an end — or do they? The final movie left a lot of things hanging, and I need some answers to my Mockingjay, Part 2 questions. I don't expect these answers to come immediately, but it would be nice if Suzanne Collins would shed some light relatively soon.

The loose ends the movie left untied might be enough to make spinoff films, TV shows, books, web series — the possibilities are endless. Then again, this may be my own selfish way of wanting the series to stay alive. I am obviously a fan of The Hunger Games, and will do anything to keep it going. Yes, I am a stage five clinger when it comes to certain movie franchises, and it's not because Mockingjay, Part 2 didn't have a satisfying ending. It wrapped the story very well, even better than I expected. The main plot lines were resolved and the end goals were achieved: peace came to Panem, the Capitol was toppled, and Katniss is living happily ever after. Still, there are some questions that I still have...

1. Does Katniss still talk to Gale? I'm thinking they have a similar relationship as exes do. I'm hoping she still Skypes with him once in a while. If anything, I'm sure he's on her Christmas card list.2. Did Gale have anything to do with that attack that killed Prim?3. Exactly how many people were killed in that bombing?4. When the bomb goes off, how does Katniss not immediately catch fire? Maybe it's because she's already "the girl on fire"?

5. Do Katniss and Peeta get married?6. What weird names did Katniss and Peeta give their children?7. Why didn't we get to see Katniss and Peeta have sex? Not to be weird, but I think some people were waiting for that, ahem.8. Does Peeta hate Gale like Jacob hated Edward in Twilight?9. Does everyone in the Capitol still dress like a clown now that the Capitol has fallen?

10. How long does it take Effie to get ready each morning? I'm guessing at least six hours.11. How did President Snow die? If I could know exactly how he died, it would be a much more satisfying death and would make me sleep better at night.12. What mysterious disease did Snow have that made him cough up blood?

13. What happened to Katniss's mom?14. Does Haymitch enter a 12-step program for his drinking problem?15. Does Finnick's son grow up to be as handsome as him? I sure hope so.

16. Did Effie and Haymitch hook up? At the end of the movie, he gives her a loving smooch that leads me to believe that over the course of four movies, they had at least one night of unabashed passion. How could they not? They were together all the time on that train and during the games.

17. What was that dance everyone was doing during Annie and Finnick's wedding? Is everyone required to know it? Or is it like the Electric Slide?18. What is Plutarch Heavensbee doing now that the position of Gamemaker is obsolete?

19. What is Caesar Flickerman doing now that the Games are over?20. And why are Caesar's teeth so freakishly white? I need to know.

21. What made President Coin want to cut her hair at the end of the movie? It's stylish, but a random choice.22. How did that hot tar not cause more damage than it did?23. If there were so many off-the-radar pod traps, how did the "Star Squad" not run into more?24. When they were going through the tunnels, did it smell like sewage?25. Did they take bathroom breaks during their trek through the tunnels? Even Mockingjays gotta go.26. How bad did they smell when it was all over?27. Does Cressida ever grow her hair out?28. Why is Commander Paylor such a badass? #slay29. Did Cinna have any surviving family members? 30. Can we learn more about Tigris? She is fancy.

31. What exactly is a "lizard mutt"?32. How did Pollux manage to create the perfect man bun?33. Why did the Capitol shave Johanna's head when they captured her?34. Does Johanna finally find true love? She is the perfect woman for Gale. He's soft and sensitive and she's brash and blunt. It's a match made in heaven!

35. Did Beetee just disappear? 36. Who is going to clean up all the mess in the Capitol after the war?37. Since the revolution is over, is Katniss still considered the "Mockingjay"? Or does she hate when people call her that now? Embrace it, girl.38. Is Panem no longer divided into Districts now that the Capitol has crumbled?39. Will there ever be another Hunger Games? The end of Mockingjay shows a new, peaceful Panem — but that doesn't mean some crazy fringe group will start another version of the Hunger Games. I have a feeling someone will continue what Snow and Coin started.

See? There is more than enough material here to continue the story of Hunger Games. I could continue, but I'll be here all day.

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