We Need Beyoncé's New Sweatshirt Collection

The only reason we're excited that it's still SO COLD is because of Beyoncé's new sweatshirt collection. If you haven't been stalking her online store, you probably missed them.

As big Bey fans, we know that Mrs. Carter likes to do things on the down low. From her wedding to her album and now, her online merch, it should come as no surprise that she doesn't like to make a big deal about things. But, people: a big deal should be made about these killer sweatshirts. It's like she and her creative team crawled in to our minds and saw our need for her lyrics to be emblazoned on a crew neck sweater.

If you visit Beyonce's online store and scroll down, you'll see four black crew neck sweatshirts printed with the same pink font from her self-titled album. Two of the sweatshirts pull meaningful words "Breakfast" and "Surfboard" from fan fave "Drunk in Love." The sweatshirt with the word angel crossed out obviously comes from her jam "No Angel," while "Flawless" refers to Beyoncé's true form (oh, and song, too).

The sweatshirts retail $65 and will be shipped 2-4 weeks after being ordered online, which means you should get yours now. But if it doesn't get here before the end of winter, well, we think it could look super cute layered over a skirt or some boyfriend jeans for Spring.