4 Ways You Can Fight ISIS

ISIS is reviled by millions across the globe, and yet the terrorist group is making millions of dollars every day. Further reports suggest that ISIS has also been wildly successful in recruiting not just those in the Middle East, but Westerners as well. Such claims can make combating ISIS seem like an impossible task, and indeed, world leaders are struggling to figure out an efficient and effective way to stop the terrorist organization. For us regular folks, there are still ways we can fight ISIS in our everyday lives.

Ever since ISIS claimed responsibility for a series of attacks — from shootings in Paris to bombings in Beirut to the downing of a Russian passenger plane — the militant group has been catapulted once again to become Enemy No. 1 for many. That's why it's important to tackle the group in any way possible, whether it's funding those on the ground directly fighting against the extremists or trampling on their self-chosen name. You can also choose to not give in to fear, as French President Francois Hollande called for, or choose "not succumb to hate," as one Frenchman said after losing his wife during the Bataclan shooting. By taking a stand against ISIS, you can send a clear message that terrorism will not be tolerated.

Use The Name "Daesh"


The militant group is typically known by two acronyms: ISIS or ISIL. There is one other that the group is said to detest, threatening violence toward all who utter it. Daesh is an acronym of ISIS' full Arabic name, Dawlat al-Islamiyah f’al-Iraq wa Belaad al-Sham. The shortened pronunciation is similar to the Arabic word "dais," which means to trample or crush down. ISIS reportedly finds Daesh to be derogatory, which may be why President Obama and French President Francois Hollande have both referred to the terrorist organization as Daesh recently.

Don't Watch Propaganda

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In a Guardian op-ed earlier this year, journalist Nesrine Malik likened those who watch ISIS' graphic videos of killings to being complicit to terrorism itself. Malik writes that "films of [ISIS] crimes are superfluous and risk distracting us from the continual suffering of those who live under it." Thus, one of the easiest ways to combat the group is by simply refusing to watch or disseminate its inhumane videos.

Support The Anti-ISIS Militia

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An anti-ISIS militia in Eastern Iraq composed of hundreds of Assyrian Christians has been working to combat efforts from the Islamic State since they began training in February. Known as the Nineveh Plain Protection Units, the militia is looking to protect vulnerable towns that may be targeted by ISIS. According to Notre Dame Law School professor Jimmy Gurule, the militia is one of the few groups that can legally accept donations.

Join The Against Violent Extremism Network

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The Against Violent Extremist Network was established as a means to combat all kinds of extremism by enlisting the help of those who've either been lured into such groups, survived, or fled them. The AVE Network seeks to engage with at-risk youth as a means to dissuade them from joining the likes of ISIS by providing them with valuable resources and guidance through technology. The project is backed by Google Ideas and uses similar efforts in fighting gang recruitment as well.