Al Qaeda-Associated Group Takes Responsibility For The Mali Hotel Attack — REPORT

Update: The situation at the Radisson Blu hotel is now reportedly under control after several harrowing hours, at least according to Malian general Didier Dacko, who told The New York Times that the perimeter of the hotel is secure, and that forces are "inside looking for the terrorists." The reported human cost of the attack, however, is high — the United Nations believes no less than 27 people were killed, after a reported 100 or so were taken hostage earlier in the day. According to CNN, six Americans so far have been saved from the hotel, and at least two of the gunmen have been killed.

Earlier: On Friday morning, hours after roughly 170 people were taken hostage in a Mali hotel, Reuters reported that an al Qaeda-associated group had taken responsibility for the Mali attacks via the group's Twitter page. Al-Mourabitoun, an African militant group, wrote on its Twitter page that it was behind the hostage situation in the high-end Radisson Blu hotel. Prior to its announcement, it had been speculated to be behind the act of terror — but there has been no confirmation that Al-Mourabitoun is truly responsible.

Hours later, the hostage situation was over, and there are thought to be at least 25 victims of the attack.

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