11 Adele '25' Lyrics For Every Life Situation

You can admit it: nobody understands you like Adele does. You didn’t even know how to get over break-ups during her four year hiatus. Well, now that Adele has released her much-anticipated album 25, you finally have someone to help you work through the heartbreak. But, wait, why stop there? Believe it or not, Adele lyrics can really be applied generously to any life situation. And I’m not just thinking of the one typical life situation you find yourself in when you listen to Adele, which is bawling your eyes out until you’re devoid of tears. (Although, if you’re looking for 25 lyrics to send you into hysterics, rest assured, we got you covered.)

But I mean more like your average day-to-day quandary, some heartbreak-related, and some more focused on your more dominant relationship with food. Listen between the lines (um, if that is such a thing), and you’ll hear that Adele doesn’t just understand your heart. She understands all of your everyday annoyances. This is why she’s queen.

What, don’t believe me? OK, then. As proof, enjoy these 11 lyrics pulled right off 25, and allow me to reevaluate how they could apply to your common (or not-so-common) struggles.

1. "So Hello From The Other Side/I Must've Called A Thousand Times"

Your last promotion allowed you to move to Brooklyn while your ex is still in Jersey City, and you're like, really proud of it and want to brag. However, he may or may not have blocked you.

2. "I Was Running, You Were Walking/You Couldn't Keep up, You Were Falling Down (Down)/There's Only One Way Down"

When you're re-telling an old drunken Rutgers story with your friend, and she accuses you of betraying her in her time of need. Listen, if you can't run from the cops in four inch heels, then you deserve to be arrested.

3. "I Miss You When The Lights Go Out/It Illuminates All Of My Doubts/Pull Me In, Hold Me Tight/Don't Let Go, Baby Give Me Light"

You just really miss the Internet after you close your laptop every night. Usually, you cheat anyway and pull out your iPhone to plug in important things like "Leonardo DiCaprio birthday" into Google.

4. "You Look Like A Movie/You Sound Like A Song/My God, This Reminds Me/Of When We Were Young"

When your best friend suddenly becomes Internet famous, and every perfectly filtered selfie and well-curated "Girl, Interrupted" gif set is driving you crazy. What are we, 14?

5. "No River Is Too Wide Or Too Deep For Me To Swim To You/Come Whenever I'll Be The Shelter That Won't Let The Rain Come Through."

When you've unofficially adopted the neighborhood cat, Beef Wellington. I know your landlord said "no pets aloud," but it's drizzling outside, and you can't say no to that face.

6. "It's So Cold Out Here In Your Wilderness/I Want You To Be My Keeper/But Not If You Are So Reckless"

Camping in the Poconos with you S.O. was a cute idea at first... until they forgot the tent. So, now you're on the frigid forest floor seriously reconsidering your relationship.

7. "Everybody Tells Me It's 'Bout Time That I Moved On/And I Need To Learn To Lighten Up And Learn How To Be Young"

You know what, it's been 10 months since Joseph Gordon-Levitt got married, and 3 months since he became a dad. You realize on a logical level that you should probably stop holing up in your room crying while watching 10 Things I Hate About You, but you're just not ready to get over it yet.

8. "Take Your Eyes Off Me So I Can Leave/I'm Far Too Ashamed To Do It With You Watching Me"

When your friends order a slice of gluten-free veggie pizza, and you want three slices of the mac attack pizza.

9. "I Miss The Air, I Miss My Friends/I Miss My Mother, I Miss It When/Life Was A Party To Be Thrown/But That Was A Million Years Ago"

It's fine, you're fine, it's just that it's 2 a.m., you don't know anyone in Bushwick, and you're on Facebook with a serious case of the weepies.

10. "If This Is My Last Night With You/Hold Me Like I'm More Than Just A Friend/Give Me A Memory I Can Use/Take Me By The Hand While We Do What Lovers Do"

"Heeeeey, it's me, I'm passing through Jersey City right now, are you up, do you want to hang?"

11. "The Sweetest Devotion/Hitting Me Like An Explosion/All Of My Life, I've Been Frozen/The Sweetest Devotion I've Known"

When it's late, you've struck out with a guy, and you've decided to re-dedicate your life to pizza and pizza alone. Mac Attack, you're my one true love now.

OK, OK, so Adele was singing about important things like motherhood and love and breakups and stuff. But, hey, that doesn't mean you can't repurpose these lyrics for your own life, so you can relate to them even more. Isn't that what music is all about?

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