Zac Efron's Faces Rule The 'Dirty Grandpa' Trailer

Robert De Niro has been very comfortably stepping into the cranky old guy role, and this has never been more apparent than in the De Niro and Zac Efron-filled trailer for Dirty Grandpa. Guess which one is the dirty grandpa. While roles in The Intern and Silver Linings Playbook have given that kind of character depth and nuance, De Niro appears to be taking the cranky grandpa to its full comedic potential in this one; he plays a recent widower who ventures on a spring break-like trip to Florida with his uptight grandson, played by Zac Efron. Along the way, they bond, meet Aubrey Plaza, and Efron's character loosens up while De Niro reckons with his grief.

This new trailer features lots of very raunchy one-liners from De Niro, some drugs, some booze, some women's body parts, and Zac Efron's naked body for good measure. More often than he's depicted shirtless, however, we see Efron looking appalled and shocked at his crazy grandpa. It's a look that he seems to have mastered, and I'm sure the trailer is just the tip of the iceberg of disgusted Efron faces.

Here are all of Efron's reactions to De Niro's more shocking lines and behavior in the trailer, ranked.

7. Looking At The Bottle That He Was Just Told Is Breakfast

There's a liquor bottle in his hands, but Efron is more confused than horrified at this point.

6. After His Grandfather Tells His Wife To F*ck Off

This is an inappropriately chill face to make in response to your grandpa insulting your wife.

5. Not Being Cool With Open Containers In A Convertible

This is a reasonable face to make, ideally followed by a polite request to not risk arrest.

4. Appalled At Some Gross Sexual Banter Between Two Parties Of Divergent Ages

Now he's getting angry! Though both Plaza and De Niro are to blame for this one.

3. After His Grandpa Tells Him He Hasn't Had Sex In 15 Years And How He Wants To Change That

He looks genuinely ill in this one.

2. When He Is Told His Car Looks Like A Giant Labia

Bug-eyed, tongue out, perfectly proportionate.

1. After His Grandpa Insults His Entire Career And Also Queen Latifah

This look is a subtle mix of disgust and tears. Oscar season, here we come.

While De Niro will surely get a lot of press for this movie, it also might be Zac Efron's time to shine. Also, Aubrey Plaza looks hilarious in it, but comedy is what Plaza does best. Check out the trailer below.

Images: Lionsgate (8)