What Are Your Most Used Words On Facebook? This Quiz Will Make You Smile — And Possibly Reevaluate Your Life

I'm a late night FB scroller and, as such, I'm particularly susceptible to whiling my insomnia away with quizzes and polls. Flooding my feed this week has been one particular quiz, which promises to reveal the words you used most on Facebook in 2015. As a writer and someone who is a self-professed word nerd, how could I pass the opportunity up to break down my social media linguistics? So, today, I'm logging in via the quiz website Vonvon and sharing the journey to discover my most used Facebook words with you, dear readers.

Through what sorcery Vonvon comes up with the random amalgamation of words, I know not. Given how surprisingly simple the process is, one must wonder how accurate the results can be. In full disclosure, though, I re-tested it multiple times — and the only noticeable difference was that the background and text colors changed. Besides, isn't this the allure of Facebook quizzes to begin with? No one knows why they work; they just do. Somehow, upon learning my favorite caffeinated beverage is a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato, they can peg my free-spirited Bohemian heart, right down to the way I prefer flared jeans over skinny leg denim. Chalk it up to one of life's great mysteries. It's inexplicable, much like how Oxford Dictionaries 2015 Word of the Year was "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji.

So, operating under the premise that this system is sound (and quite possibly of some otherworldly Facebook quiz think tank), let's walk through it.

1. Log In Using Your Facebook Profile

Clicking on the quiz link takes me to the corresponding page on Vonvon. At the bottom of the page, there is an oblong blue box asking me to log in with Facebook, so I oblige. A tiny square then appears in the upper right hand corner with my profile pic in it.

2. View Result

The oblong blue box has now turned a beautiful shade of pink and has one simple request: View result. When I click on it it, it begins the brief process of tabulating my results.

3. Analyze Your Life

And there you have it, friends — the words I've used most often on Facebook in 2015. Interestingly enough, "me" is front and center. I'm honestly not sure what to think of that, but I do like how the words "I'm" and "Just" flank it, as though to say the core sentiment that permeates my Facebook feed is "I'm just me." At least, that's how I'm going to choose to look at it. Once I get past the initial shock of "me" staring back at me, though, I have to admit I'm pretty pleased with the words that compose my Facebook cloud.

My other two most prominent words seem to be "Marlow" and "love," also known as my daughter and the driving force in nearly everything I do, respectively. Jay and Bowen, my husband and my son, are represented; as are Charleston and Folly, my beloved city and local beach. I apparently speak often of "people," "work," my "mom," "women," "books," "time," and "kids." And those conversations seemingly come from a place of joy — in addition to "love," my Facebook vernacular is filled with "happy," "good," "heart," "like," "favorite," "yes," "grateful," and "amazing." Also, I'd be remiss not to mention the hallowed institution that is "cake." So, I'll take it. Facebook sorcery and all.

Which words do you use most on Facebook? Head here to take the quiz yourself!

Images: Julie Sprankles/Bustle (4)