Katy Just Did Something Bieber Couldn't

Wanna learn three new things about Katy Perry? One, she can do a split. Two, she recently visited The Great Wall of China. Three, she has legs and is able to use them to walk. So, how do these all fit together? Katy Perry visited the Great Wall of China and did a split while she was there. Also, she (probably) walked up the Wall herself instead of being carried by bodyguards. Justin Bieber, as is usual in these types of ridiculous situations, I'm looking at you.

Perry was in China over the weekend to perform at the Infiniti Brand Festival in Beijing which took place on Jan. 11. While in China, the singer took in some sights including the Central Chinese Orchestra and yesterday's visit to the Great Wall. Perry Instagrammed a photo of herself doing a split on the Wall with the caption, "#bestdressed #goldenglobes" poking fun at the fact that she wasn't in attendance. And at the fact that she's wearing Uggs, a straw hat, and a parka. Next time, she should probably do Great Wall splits in a Dior gown.

From what we can tell from the picture, Perry likely walked up the Great Wall of China on her own without help from strong, burly bodyguards like Bieber famously did back in September. Perry is wearing a hat and sunglasses in the photo, so there is still the possibility that she used a stunt double. Celebrities! You just never know!

Images: Getty Images; Katy Perry/Instagram