'The Sims' 'Scream Queens' Gets UnBEARably Cute

Previously on The Sims Scream Queens: the Sim Red Devil got into a shouting match with a Sim who wasn’t there; and by “wasn’t there” I mean “was totally there, was totally antagonistic, and was totally invisible”; yes, there is an invisible Sim in the Sim Kappa Kappa Tau house; another paparazzo tried to dig up some dirt on the Sim Kappa Kappa Taus; the household soap dispensers called to the Sim Red Devil like the Sirens who derailed Odysseus’s journey; the Sim Red Devil tried to strike up a deal with Milton the paparazzo. You can check out the previous installment The Sims Scream Queens here.

The night after his conversation with Milton the paparazzo, the Sim Red Devil did not sleep a wink. He was desperate to figure out a way to get Milton the paparazzo on his side. He needed to know why the paparazzi were so determined to infiltrate the Sim Kappa Kappa Tau house. He needed to know why the paparazzi wouldn't stop blowing up his lurk spot.

He figured Milton the paparazzo was his "in."

Fun fact about the Sim Red Devil: he's a pretty great cook. He thought he could use this to his advantage and win over Milton the paparazzo with a dish of goopy carbonara. So, he invited Milton the paparazzo over for lunch. Milton the paparazzo accepted the invitation, visited the Sim KKT house, and hung out with the Sim Red Devil.

As Milton The Paparazzo Sat Down With A Heaping Plate Of Carbonara, The Sim Red Devil Brought Up The Paparazzi Issue

Milton the paparazzo ignored the Sim Red Devil. He silently ate the carbonara. The Sim Red Devil tried again. No luck.

And then, Milton the paparazzo looked into the Sim Red Devil's eyes.

This is it,the Sim Red Devil thought. He's going to tell me all of the paparazzi secrets.

"What's up with all of the uncooked hot dogs?" Milton the paparazzo asked.

"I'm sorry, what?" the Sim Red Devil replied. The Sim Red Devil was too bewildered to be frustrated.

"The. Hot. Dogs." Milton the paparazzo pointed to the kitchen counter.

The Sim Red Devil Saw The Two Plates Of Raw Hot Dogs

"Oh, I haven't the slightest idea," the Sim Red Devil sighed as he turned back toward Milton the paparazzo. "These Sim Kappas are just—"

The Sim Red Devil fell silent. He realized he was all alone. Milton the paparazzo had vanished.

"Foiled again," the Sim Red Devil growled as he shoved a forkful of carbonara into his maw.

Meanwhile, Sim Zayday Read At The Dining Table

As Sim Zayday pored over a book about the game of chess, a piece of toast magically appeared on the dining table.

And Then, The Jam-Slathered Piece Of Bread Vanished


A Pile Of Crumbs Materialized On The Toast Plate

The invisible Sim scooted the chair away from the table and left the dirtied plate behind. Sim Zayday did not flinch once.

Meanwhile, Sim Grace Got Some Reading Done In The Living Room

That's when she heard a rustling sound. Something was outside.

Who Was That Sitting Just On The Other Side Of The Back Door?

Was that a tiny teddy bear in overalls?

Grace Decided To Investigate

But before she could get to sleuthing, she changed out of her PJs. Like you do.

And What Do You Know! It Really Was An Adorable, Overalls-Wearing Teddy Bear!

But who left the teddy bear?

Sim Grace Was Suspicious Of The Teddy Bear

But that did not deter her from bringing the interloper inside the Sim Kappa Kappa Tau house. He was just too cute to leave outside!

Sim Grace Showed The Mysterious Teddy Bear To Sim Zayday

Sim Zayday complimented the teddy bear's adorable blue ensemble.

Sim Zayday Took A Closer Look At The Mysterious Teddy Bear

"Seriously though, where did you come from?" Sim Zayday asked. The mysterious teddy bear did not respond. "I don't trust this bear."

Sim Zayday Left The Mysterious Teddy Bear In The Living Room

"I don't know where that thing has been," Sim Zayday mumbled as she set the teddy bear on the floor. "Definitely not putting it in any of our bedrooms."

Later, Sim Chanel #2 & Sim Hester/Chanel #6 Found The Mysterious Teddy Bear

"Is this one of your coworkers?" Sim Hester/Chanel #6 asked Sim Chanel #2. "Is this a haunted teddy bear?"

"Don't be creepy," Sim Chanel #2 replied. "Working at the graveyard has made me extra jumpy. And now I'm scared of that bear. I don't like that bear. Put it down."

Sim Hester/Chanel #6 set the mysterious teddy bear down. The two Sim Chanels retreated to their bedrooms.

That Night, The Sim Red Devil Tiptoed Down To The Living Room

He was going to go surf the web on the Sim Kappa Kappa Tau house laptop (his was broken), but something stopped him in his tracks: a teddy bear.

He Picked Up The Teddy Bear

"I'm going to take you home with me," the Sim Red Devil said. "But first, I will give you a name."

The Sim Red Devil Picked The Perfect Name For His New Sidekick

"Sim Chanel has her minions," the Sim Red Devil told the teddy bear. "I should have a minion of my own. You will be the Sim Red Devil #2."

The Sim Red Devil Carried The Sim Red Devil #2 To His Lair

"You're going to love it here," the Sim Red Devil raved. "I promise."

The Sim Red Devil Warned The Sim Red Devil #2 About The Lair's Toilet

"Don't use the lair can until the plumber fixes it," the Sim Red Devil advised. "If you have to go, sneak down to the Sim KKT house, OK?"

The Sim Red Devil Set The Sim Red Devil #2 On The Floor

The Sim Red Devil #2 made himself at home.

The Next Morning, Sim Grace Went To Go Check On The Mysterious Teddy Bear

But the mysterious teddy bear wasn't where she left it. She spun around frantically. She saw Sim Chanel plunking away on the laptop.

"Um, where's the bear?" Sim Grace asked, her voice going up two octaves.

Sim Chanel Said She Didn't Know What Sim Grace Was Talking About

"There was a teddy bear right here!" Sim Grace yelled as she pointed at the floor.

"Oh, I'm so glad you made a friend," Sim Chanel replied.

"No seriously, what happened to the bear?"

"The Sim Red Devil probably ate it."

Sim Grace realized Sim Chanel wasn't going to be any help. So, she told Sim Zayday about the missing mysterious teddy bear.

When Sim Zayday Found Out The Teddy Bear Disppeared, She Told The Other Sim Kappas

Many of the Sim Kappas reached the same conclusion: The Sim Red Devil must be behind it.

That Night, The Sim Red Devil Rummaged Through A Trash Can

What was he up to this time?

He Spent Multiple Sim Hours Digging Through The Garbage

But before we could find out what the Sim Red Devil was looking for...

...A Stranger Appeared

The cowboy hat-wearing Sim struck up a conversation with the Sim Red Devil

The Sim Red Devil Was Wary Of This Stranger

Why does she keep asking about the Sim Kappa Kappa Tau house? the Sim Red Devil wondered. Is she a paparazzo in disguise?

The Sim Red Devil Decided To Change The Subject

"I was looking for a... uh... A DISCO BALL," the Sim Red Devil spat. "I think there's a disco ball in the trash can. Have you seen my disco ball?"

The cowboy hat-wearing Sim turned on her heel and walked away.

"OK, back to work," the Sim Red Devil whispered to himself as he plunged his hands into the trash can.

Meanwhile, In The Sim Red Devil's Lair

The Sim Red Devil #2 waited for the Sim Red Devil to return.

Was the Sim Red Devil really looking for a disco ball? What's the invisible Sim going to eat next? Will the Sim Kappas ever find the mysterious teddy bear/Sim Red Devil #2? Does the Sim Red Devil #2 share the Sim Red Devil's affinity for soap dispensers? TO BE CONTINUED.

Images: The Sims 3/EA Games (29); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (29)