Customize Your Flash Tattoos For The Holidays

From festivals to everyday outfits, it's been a big year for flash tattoos. They are the perfect way to spice up an outfit in no time at all, and now they're getting even trendier. Flash Tattoos are now customizable, according to Refinery 29, so you can personalize your own temporary ink and instantly get a little bit cooler. Holiday accessorizing just got a little more merry and bright.

If you thought that shiny body decorations were going out of style for the winter, think again. Flash Tattoos have reimagined temporary ink yet again with a custom section on the brand's website. Perhaps instead of sending out a traditional holiday card this year, you can give your friends and family metallic fake tattoos. Because nothing says the holidays are here quite like a nice candy cane forearm tat, right?

The customizable faux ink starts at $45 for 100 tattoos. You can also submit your own art to be made into temporary tattoos, which will set you back $150 for 300 stickers. Not a bad deal! Whether you're looking to spice up a party or just make your winter formal outfit more memorable, these tattoos are perfect for the cold-weather season. They also offer personalized wedding, baby shower and birthday tats.

Although you can wear these fabulous flash tattoos, the holiday season is really the perfect time to add a little glitz to your body. These tiny little stickers are a great way to make any outfit a little more festive. With so many possibilities, you might just want to stock up.

1. Candy Canes

Candy Cane, Flash Tattoos, $45

Don't like "tis the season?" No problem! Make it say anything you'd like.

2. Trendy Tree

Christmas Tree, Flash Tattoos, $45

Make the look your your own or opt for a traditional saying with this adorable tree tat,

3. Holiday Balloon

Celebrate, Flash Tattoos, $45

Wear all 99 black balloons year 'round, or personalize them for the holidays.

4. Greek Tat

Greek Love, Flash Tattoos, $45

I can't think of a better way to make your Greek winter formal more Instagram-worthy.

5. Tiny Message

Short And Sweet, Flash Tattoos, $45

Who needs a card when you could send a stick-on tattoo instead?

6. Menorah

Menorah, Flash Tattoos, $45

Fake ink — it's not just for Christmas!

7. Snowflake

Snowflake, Flash Tattoos, $45

Add a little message below or let the snowflake speak for itself.

There's no trendier way to celebrate the holidays!

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Images: Flash Tattoos (7)