There's More To Pollux's 'Mockingjay' Story

As the dystopian epic came to a close, fans of The Hunger Games series were left with a (mostly) satisfying conclusion. We witnessed the cycle of tyranny that had ruled Panem for nearly a century dissolve, and we finally got a resolution to the Team Peeta vs. Team Gale debate. But like any good wrap-up, the final installment based on Suzanne Collins’ dystopian YA trilogy, still left some things unanswered. Like what happened to Pollux in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 (and by default his glorious man bun)? We might not ever know. Unless we get a sequel, and in that case, please take a moment to cross your fingers with me. Spoilers for the Mockingjay book and movies below.

If you keep ruminating over this, like I am, what did happen to Pollux? For one thing, the film remained pretty faithful to the book as far as Pollux's character goes. As a cameraman for the Capitol, Pollux (a mute Avox) arrives at District 8 to film Katniss' speech for Snow. Then during the District 13 propos (aka propaganda films), he assists Katniss and the rest of her "star squad" on their mission to find and kill President Snow. Because Pollux is an Avox, he worked in the sewers under the Capitol, and is therefore knowledgeable about the passageways. When he, along with Katniss and company, go into the sewers to avoid being detected, the memories of working underground become painful, but he perseveres anyway. He's an essential mechanism in the story, and without him, the film wouldn't have been able to reach its conclusion.

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t show exactly where he ends up. The last time he's mentioned in the book, Pollux gets lost in a crowd of Capitol citizens, and after the war ends, he and Cressida are sent to film its aftermath. It's then that we learn his brother was killed in the underground passageways, though the movie shows Castor's death during that sequence in a heartbreaking scene. That leaves Pollux as the only survivor from Cressida's team. Luckily, in the Mockingjay book we get a little more information, as it is revealed that Pollux joins Cressida after the war and continues to film the damage in other districts.

Hopefully, Pollux was eventually able to find something less devastating to film. Though I'm sure he, along with the other citizens, is still lamenting the horrors of what happened, at least he will someday be able to enjoy the new democratic (and hopefully, violence-free) Panem.

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