What Are Kylie & Tyga Trying To Tell Us?

Get that crying Snapchat filter ready to go, because I have some devastating news. One of America's most talked about couples, Tyga and Kylie Jenner, reportedly broke up, according to TMZ. You may be asking yourself, how could such a public couple supposedly end things so suddenly? What about all of those couple-y Snapchats? Bustle reached out to Kylie's rep for comment on the report of a break-up, but has not yet heard back.

The Millennial public demands to know what happened to their seminal couple, so the rumor mill has been on hyper-drive. Adding fuel to the fire, both Tyga and Kylie are active on social media and have been posting cryptic posts on their various accounts that could be about a split. Lucky for you, I am nosy, have too much time on my hands, and believe that people with teal hair should find love, so I have delved into the depths of the Internet to decipher what clues Tyga and Kylie might have dropped with their latest social media posts. Because dammit, we deserve answers! Here's what I could interpret from their most recent tweets, snaps, and Instagram posts.

Kylie Is Doing Just Fine

When the report of a break-up first came out on Friday, Kylie posted this short selfie-video on Snapchat. I think it was to tell the Internet and the world that she was doing OK and hadn't gotten a dramatic post-break-up haircut. I once had a friend who got break-up bangs, which only made her cry harder. Break-ups take a toll physically, emotionally, and stylistically — this is Kylie telling us that if it is true, she's going to be OK and is not going to get a bad haircut.

She Doesn't Know What Went Wrong Either

Later on Friday, Kylie posted a video of her singing along to Bryson Tiller's, "Been That Way." She can be seen mouthing the words, "I wanna know how we became so distant.” It's like, I don't know how things might've become distant between you and Tyga either, Kylie. I think you need to watch The Notebook and do some soul-searching to find the answer to that.

End Of A Chapter

On Instagram, Kylie uploaded this video of a sunset with music from Bryson Tiller's "Been That Way" again. Sunsets have long been used in art to symbolize the closing of a chapter. Maybe Kylie's chapter with Tyga really has ended. So deep Kylie, you are so very deep.

Tyga Is Doing Fine Too, Sorta

After all of Kylie's posts, Tyga finally posted an Instragram video of his own. In it, he sings along to his latest release, "Happy Birthday." But the whole video seems staged. Notice how Tyga had smack his friend to join in on the video? Yup, this might be one of those post-break-up, "yeah I'm doing totally great and having lots of fun without you" posts. If so, this whole video is full of lies.

Focused & Alone

Lastly, Tyga posted this picture of him all alone surrounded by couches. It's captioned "Focused," but I think "focused on not sobbing my eyes out in public places," would have been a much more appropriate caption.

While the onion that was Kylie and Tyga's relationship has just begun to be peeled, so far it would appear that if things really are over, she is doing great. Kylie, stay strong and stay away from any drastic hair changes (jk, that's sorta your thing). Tyga, please step up your Instagram game. You are competing against a Kardashian, and this is where they shine.