Gisele Bundchen Covers 'Vogue' Brazil, Again

It's December cover season and it should come as no surprise that Gisele Bundchen covers Vogue Brazil for the second time this year. Not only is Bundchen the highest paid supermodel in 2015 by a landslide (Cara Delevingne and Adriana Lima came in second with $9 million each compared to her $44 million), but she is probably the supermodel who has landed the most Vogue covers of all time. I mean, think about it. In 2015 alone she was on the cover of eight different editions Vogue, most notably Vogue Paris' 95th Anniversary issue.

For Vogue Brazil's December issue, Bundchen got two different covers — one with her looking like a total dominatrix in a black suit with a sleek faux bob and holding a crop, the other being a close up of her flawless face. It makes sense that Bundchen regularly covers Vogue Brazil, considering that the beauty is, in fact, Brazilian. She was on the cover in May to honor the publication's 40th anniversary in addition to her 20 year modeling career (which is practically unheard of, she is clearly a goddess) wearing absolutely no clothing, which is clearly something the supermodel feels very comfortable doing, as it was not the first time she stripped down for a cover.

Do you think Bundchen ever gets tired of being on Vogue? Like I have to imagine that it gets boring after a while, right?

OK, you probably don't ever get tired of seeing your face on any edition of Vogue, but I feel like she has nothing left to work towards. Like, once you walk in every designers' runway show, cover every magazine, work with the world's best photographers, and make millions of dollars, there's not much more you can do. She's been at the top of her game for probably 15 years. It's insane. Here are some of her other Vogue covers from the last few years.

1. Vogue Paris, October 2015

Just casually on the cover of Vogue Paris in her underwear. Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner also got covers to celebrate 95 years of the glossy.

2. Vogue Portugal, June 2015

What a beauty.

3. Vogue Thailand, June 2015

All of the covers are kind of starting to look the same.

4. Vogue Australia, January 2015

Because being on Vogue Brazil the month before just wasn't enough...

5. Vogue China, March 2015

Literally everyone wants Bundchen on the cover.

6. British Vogue, March 2015

Don't mind me, I'll just be on the cover of Vogue eight times this year. It's chill.

7. Vogue Brazil, December 2013

Bundchen was also on the December 2014 issue of Vogue Brazil with Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's famous cat.

8. Vogue Paris, October 2007

Vogue Paris is when you know you've made it.

9. Vogue Mexico, May 2010

I'm not sure how many international editions of Vogue there are, but I'm pretty sure she has been on all of them.

10. Vogue, May 2000

The year 2000 was arguably Bundchen's best year, or at least the year you can say she "officially" made it.

11. Vogue Spain, September 2008

Sitting pretty on the cover of Vogue Spain in 2008.

12. Vogue Italia, June 2013

Your Vogue roster is not complete if you don't land the cover of the Italian edition.

13. Vogue, June 2011

It's honestly like she doesn't age.

14. British Vogue, August 1998

The cover that started it all. In August of 1998, Gisele made the cover of British Vogue and the rest is history.

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