Shop DrunkMall Via Text This Black Friday

As if drunk shopping wasn't already dangerous enough, DrunkMall is letting you shop by texting on Black Friday. The company's new app, DrunkPhone, is like that "bad influence" friend of yours always encouraging you to have just one more drink,except this time she is silently pressuring you to buy all sorts of things you don't need.

If you haven't already heard of DrunkMall, then you're wallet definitely owes you a "thanks." The site brings unusual clothing, accessories, and other things you never knew you wanted together in one place. Filled with items like patriotic fanny packs and and extra-large gummy snakes, it's your one-stop drunk shopping stop.

This Black Friday, instead of going to the website, all you have to do it text the number 347-WASTED-4 to online shop. Simply text a number from one to ten to DrunkMall and the company will send back an item that your intoxicated self will probably think it needs. From there you're on your own to purchase the item, so you might want to keep your credit cards on lockdown if you're planning on imbibing this holiday weekend.

"I just don’t think people hanging out with their friends at parties or at a bar are going to want to spend very much time browsing a website together," Tom Coe, founder of DrunkMall tells the Cut.

I guess if people aren't willing to check the site, you might as well bring the site to them! Here are a few of the fashionable items that you could end up with.

1. Meow-ami Vice Shirt

Undercover Kittens Shirt, Amazon, $18

Because who doesn't need some more cats in their life?

2. '90s Jazz Designed Boat Shorts

The Free Refills, Kennedy, $50

The name really does just say it all.

3. A Flat Water Bottle

Flat Water Bottle, Amazon, $10.37

If you tell me that a water bottle has never rolled away from you, you'd be lying.

4. Salon Cape With Texting Window

Salon Cape With Viewing Window, Amazon, $14

Honestly, this one is genius.

5. Sushi Socks

Women's Sushi Socks, Amazon, $11.38

I don't know about you, but sushi's on my mind all the time.

6. Cargo Pocket Hoodie

Multipocket Zip-Up Hoodie, Amazon, $110

You know, for all that stuff you have to carry.

7. Hidden Flask Sports Bra

The Wine Rack, Amazon, $60

I can see how this would seem like a perfectly reasonable purchase if you're intoxicated

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