Cynthia Bailey's Tutor Impressed 'RHOA' Fans

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have had some tumultuous relationships over the years, and even though they're being tested big time this season, so far, yes, Peter & Cynthia Bailey are still married. The episode suggested that, at least back when the season was filmed, the two were fighting, but had decided to stay together for the time being. And now, post-show, it seems that their marriage is doing a lot better, since they've been sweet to one another on social media, and the other RHOA have been supportive of both of them as these uncomfortable episodes air.

However, even though they're still together now, they spent most of the episode apart, as Cynthia took care of business at home in Atlanta while Peter worked on his new bar in Charlotte. Cynthia couldn't help but note that Noelle's prospective tutor was incredibly handsome — and that if her teachers had been so handsome, she would have probably studied more. And everyone had to agree, especially Real Housewives of Atlanta fans on Twitter, whose minds were blown by how incredibly, ridiculously hot he was. They also got pretty hot and bothered by Cynthia's ex, Leon Robinson.

And it's only a matter of time before the tutor's identity is revealed and he becomes the most popular tutor in the whole state of Georgia. He might be Kemaray Funderburk, who is certainly a very handsome tutor (but has not confirmed or denied being on RHOA).

So let that be a warning to you, Peter — yeah, Cynthia has decided to take you back, for now, but there's no shortage of handsome, smart, dreadlocked dudes hanging around Atlanta (possibly cast by Bravo, but still) just waiting for the wonderful Ms. Bailey to ask them out.