20 Cheap And Clever Tech Gifts Under $30

My holiday gift advice is the same every year: if you're having trouble figuring out what to buy someone, resort to cheap tech gifts that are practical but inexpensive. Tech gifts make some of the best gifts. There are tons of options, most of them are ridiculously clever, they're useful, and they usually end up being things people normally wouldn't buy themselves. The only issue? A lot of tech stuff can be pretty pricey, which means if you want to give a tech gift, it has to be to someone you're close with... right?

Wrong. There are actually a lot of cheaper teach gift options out there that would work for anyone, from friends to significant others to family members. You just need to look for them! Oh, you don't have time? I get it. That's why this list is here — to help you find a great gift for someone that is going to impress them and save your bank account.

These 20 cheap tech gift options are all $30 or under — and they're all seriously cool. They're so cool, in fact, that you're going to have a hard time giving them away instead of buying them for yourself. But hey... who said you couldn't put them on your own wish list? Check out these 20 tech gifts under $30 to find the most awesome present for anyone in your life.

1. A Cute Car Charger

VOJO Cactus Mini 5V 3.1A Universal 3 USB Port Car Charger Adapter for Smartphones, $7, Amazon

Everyone who uses their cell phone a lot knows that low battery life is one of the unfortunate side effects. That's why having a car charger is so important — you never know when you'll need an extra boost. And why not make it really cute? This is a great gift for a Secret Santa type of deal, or to give to someone you don't know that well.

2. A Travel Charger And Luggage Tag

Pink and Gold All I Need Charging Luggage Tag, $20, Francesca's

This little gift is perfect for the person in your life who loves traveling. The luggage tag definitely stands out, and it also conveniently works as a portable charger.

3. Fun Headphones

Pastel Peach Floral Headphones, $30, Amazon

Earbuds are great, but sometimes it's nice to have a pair of bigger headphones that really block out all other sound. This floral option is pretty and fun, and the cushioning keeps them comfortable.

4. Cord Keepers

Set of 3 Chevron Fabric Cord Keeper Set, $12, SewWhatsNext1/Etsy

If you have a friend or family member who is really into tech and is constantly dealing with a bunch of different devices, these are super helpful for keeping cords neat and in place. They're also great to use in your handbag to keep everything together. And they are cute!

5. A Phone Flash

Pop-Tech Portable Selfie Light, $7, A mazon

Using the camera on a smartphone is awesome. Using the camera on a smartphone when the lighting isn't so great? Not awesome. If one of your loved ones is really into taking pictures, get them this flash to upgrade their photo game.

6. Key Ring Charger

inCharge, $12, Amazon

This portable key ring charger makes for an excellent clever gift anyone could use. Not only does it make it easier to find your keys, it also makes it close to impossible to forget your charger.

7. A Phone Amplifier

iBloom Phone Amplifier , $5, ibloomer/Etsy

Instead of a set of portable speakers, gift someone with this cool amplifier. It makes the sound on a phone a little bit louder and better, and this one is unique because it's also the perfect spot for an air plant.

8. A Cat Phone Stand

You've Gato A Call Phone Stand, $25, Amazon

The person in your life who loves cats needs this. I know that because I love cats, and I need this. Buy it for someone and make their day.

9. A Headphone Splitter

3-Way Headphone Splitter, $12, A mazon

If you've ever had to share one set of headphones with someone else, you know it's kind of the worst. Don't make a friend go through that! This headphone splitter lets you share your music with up to three friends, and it's a crazy good price.

10. Texting Gloves

iGotTech Ultra-Soft Brushed Interior For Comfort, $9, Amazon

You honestly can't go wrong with smartphone gloves. I think I get a pair every year, and I've lost all of them. People lose gloves all the time, so even if they already have a pair, a backup is necessary. These are simple, nice, and inexpensive.

11. A Cute USB Drive

4 GB Camera Shape USB Flash Drive , $5, Amazon

As an editor who is constantly receiving adorable USB drives, I can tell you that few things are more awesome than a tiny, cute, actually useful object. Get this camera USB drive for the person in your life who loves photography. It's amazing.

12. A Bluetooth Speaker

Jam - Replay Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, $30, Amazon

It can be hard to find a good, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, but this one from Jam is a great option. It's small, which makes it easy to carry around, it delivers great sound, and it's easy to use. Anyone would love this gift.

13. Home Button Stickers

Bubble Buttons Home Button Sticker Mustache Pack, $2, A mazon

The home button is one of the most important parts of an iPhone — why not make it look prettier? This set of little stickers for a home button is the perfect last-minute addition to a gift, or just a cute small present to give to someone.

14. AnyGlove

AnyGlove, $20, A mazon

This gift will let your loved one turn any pair of gloves into tech gloves. Yes, even their old favorite pair that they love and won't get rid of. This is such a clever idea.

15. A Lap Desk

LapGear MyDesk , $17, Amazon

I recently got myself a little lap desk, and it's amazing. It lets me use my laptop or tablet while I'm in bed without burning my legs. So, I can tell you from experience that this would make for a very awesome and thoughtful gift.

16. Cute Lens Covers

Snack Cap , $10, PhotoJoJo

Despite the fact that camera phones have taken over, lots of photographers out there are still using real cameras. If you know one, get them these cute lens covers. I mean, come on. It's a doughnut! That's adorable.

17. A Magical Speaker

Unicorn Speaker, $15, Hot Topic

How do you NOT buy someone a unicorn speaker as a gift? This speaker is small, easy to carry around, and basically the cutest speaker I've ever seen.

18. Earbuds 51890 Ear Buddies Disco + Lilac, $22, Amazon

If you're going to buy someone a pair of earbuds, make them these. They look like mini disco balls in your ears, and the cord is bright enough to find in any bag.

19. An Amazing Phone Case

Valfré Carton Of Boys Years 3D iPhone 6 Case , $21, Dolls Kill

There are tons of awesome phone cases out there, but this has to be one of the coolest. It's perfect for the makeup junkie in your life. Look at it! It's a giant lipstick! This is amazing.

20. A Camera Mug

Canon Camera Lens Mugs, $30, PhotoJoJo

The photographer in your life needs these mugs. Every time they drink coffee or tea out of it, they will feel happy. I promise.

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