8 Ways North West Is Like A Disney Princess, Since Kim Kardashian Called Her "Sleeping Beauty"

From her frequent ballet classes to her unicorn Halloween costume, North West is one of the most awesome toddlers around. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is only two years old, but she's already significantly cooler than most people I know. (Sorry, everybody else!) Despite the fact that she doesn't have her own reality show (yet), fans are able to keep up with Kimye's kid's life, all thanks to Kim Kardashian's Instagram. On Saturday, the reality star shared a photo of North West adorably snoozing on Kanye West's shoulder. The caption? "Sleeping Beauty."

While it's just a two-word photo caption, Kardashian's comment got me thinking. In some ways, North West is actually like a pint-size Disney princess. Granted, I don't think she actually pricked her finger, fell asleep, and awaited her one true love to wake her up (aka what happens in the famous fairy tale). But I do believe this tot's life is way more magical than that of the average infant. Plus, according to Cosmopolitan, the Kardashians are "America's First Family," so in that sense, it's like North is royalty in her own right. A pop culture princess, if you will.

For the sake of imagination, and because everybody loves a good fairy tale, here are a list of ways that North West is like a Disney princess in real life.

1. She Has A Memorable Name

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora. All great princesses have magnificent names. I'd say North West certainly stands out in this regard.

2. She Has A Magical Talent

Just as Snow White could talk to animals or Rapunzel could grow her hair, North is already a star at ballet.

3. She's Just Like Ariel

North can rock a mermaid tail, just like the Little Mermaid herself.

4. Her Wardrobe Is Fantastic

North is well-dressed and frequently wears designer duds. Plus, it's already known that she can pull off an Elsa dress.

5. She's A Natural-Born Leader

As evidenced by Kardashian's post, North is a natural leader and this trait is innate to most of Disney's leading ladies.

6. She Gets Along Well With Animals

Like most Disney princesses, North gets along gloriously with animals. Here she is petting a goat at the zoo. They look like BFFs to me!

7. She's Already A Big Fan Of Minnie

On multiple occasions, North West has dressed up as Minnie Mouse. Clearly it's a sign that she's meant for Disney.

8. Disneyland Is Her Go-To Hang Out

And the most obvious sign of all? North spends a ton of time at Disneyland — the perfect place for any princess.

Crossing my fingers that North's very own Disney story will become a reality someday! I'd go straight to the theaters to see that animated movie. Either way, I'm sure she'll keep living happily ever after.