What Christmas Is Like For Non-Religious Families

Christmas is a holiday that originated from the Christian faith — duh. Of course, many non-religious families still celebrate Christmas, and observe the many classic Christmas traditions that come with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with incorporating your Christian faith into a Christian holiday like Christmas, just like there is nothing wrong with celebrating the holiday however you want, with religious customs included or not. Families are beautiful, and the way you choose to celebrate Christmas with your family is beautiful, too.

Neither of my parents were very religious when I was growing up. They wanted to give me the choice to practice any religion I wanted, rather than follow what they were taught to believe as kids. Christmas in my house was still Christmas, just without the prayers, the church service, or any direct religious discussion of any kind. We still did good for others in need, we exchanged gifts, hung stockings by the fire, and I believed in Santa until I was in high school, but the holidays were always very relaxed and easygoing for me.

No matter how you spend Christmas — religiously or not — it is being with your family that truly matters. Here are all the things that happen during the holidays when your family isn't super religious, or religious at all.

1. Food takes center stage

Without a God to thank for the food, we quickly thank the cook and then dive right in. The taste of a holiday feast is its own version of heaven, so we go forth, eat, and ease into our food comas for hours post meal.

2. Christmas carols will be drunkenly butchered

Without any necessary songs to sing, you can sing whatever you want. And it helps to have liquid courage before you belt out a garbly Jingle Bells/Silver Bells hybrid.

3. Dressing up is not necessary

People tend to dress up for church. Therefore, when you don't attend church, you don't need to dress up. #pajamalife

4. You don't leave the house on Christmas Eve

There are some Christmas Eve traditions that require religious fams to head out to church or caroling before Santa arrives. Christmas Eve for a non-religious family typically entails a relaxed dinner, and even more relaxing on the couch, followed by bed time.

5. New traditions are formed

When you don't have many established traditions, you can make up your own. And those are always the best.

6. The holiday schedule is flexible

Unless you're hosting a party or attending a party, there's not much on your Christmas docket. Which means you can stay up late, sleep in, and do whatever you want, really.

7. Naps are allowed and encouraged

I'm sure this happens in religious families too, I just thought I'd mention it here because it's so so important to allow everyone to nap freely during the holidays. With the short days, booze, and large quanitities of turkey, humans just need the rest.

8. There are no rules

You can do whatever you want, however you want, as long as it's with your loved ones, is a bonding experience, and doesn't hurt anybody else.

However your family spends the holiday, merry Christmas!

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