‘TWD’ Reveals The Answer We’ve Been Waiting For

Just as soon as we'd all given up hope of learning revealing Glenn Rhee's fate before the winter finale at least, Sunday's episode revealed that Glenn is alive on The Walking Dead, at least for a little while longer. We saw him and Nicholas fall off the dumpster from a different angle, revealing that the walkers were chomping on Nick's innards, and Glenn crawled under the dumpster to survive. Do any of us feel bad for speculating these exact circumstances? Nope? Me neither! Even if Glenn remains not long for this world, it was nice to see his face and hear his voice again.

However, the last person we expected him to run into in his travels is Enid, who left Alexandria after the Wolf attack. She gave Glenn water and he followed her to a temporary shelter. Glenn had a lot of questions that seem ancient at this point in the season — like who blew the airhorn and what happened at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Enid was vague when she said anything at all. Then the brooding tween ditched again. What is Enid's deal? Does this confirm that she is a Wolf, or a Savior, or something equally mysterious?

So, Glenn and Enid were off on a sort of adventure, though neither of them was really into it. Glenn tracked Enid down and told her that he was taking her back to Alexandria, because Maggie would have done the same. Enid tried to pull a gun on him. It's been a while since we've had a grumpy odd couple adventure on this series, hasn't it? Everyone's been way too chummy. Even Nicholas and Glenn didn't get those kinds of scenes. Anyway, while Glenn and Enid made it back to Alexandria (green balloons from the herd offense in tow), there was the pesky issue of the herd, who at this point are blocking the entrances.

At the end of the episode, we see the green balloons in the sky over Alexandria. That's all the proof that Maggie needs to know that Glenn is alive and is signaling them like he promised. However, the herd breached Alexandria just moments after, so Maggie and Glenn's Walking Dead reunion will have to wait a little while longer.

Image: AMC (screenshot)