7 Beauty Mistakes You're Making In Your 20s

As a card carrying member of the twenty-somethings club, I know I've made a mistake or two when it comes to my beauty routine. However, some of these mistakes seem to be worse than others. While it may not seem like it, these seven beauty mistakes you're making in your 20s can impact you long term and be the cause of a more intensive beauty routine down the line. Whether it's lack of sleep or not rehydrating after a night out, tons of little things add up over time, and your beauty routine needs you.

If you're hanging out in a fashion and beauty section, you're probably already clued in to some of the biggest beauty mistakes out there. Whether it be matching your foundation to your face and not your neck — and ending up with a lovely line under your chin— or filling in your brows with a color two shades darker than your natural shade, there are simple cosmetic oopsies that can age you prematurely. While on the surface, it may seem trite to discuss common beauty mistakes, the fact is that making some of them can impact your entire body. Just because we're in our 20s doesn't mean we get a free pass for the next few years. Instead, we should be thinking ahead.

So what are the beauty mistakes you're making in your 20s?

Lack of Sleep

While it's easy to overlook this as a beauty mistake, a lack of sleep can lead to bags under the eyes and skin dullness. Also, let's be honest — you just feel gross. Classes, new jobs, and stress often get in the way of sleep schedules, so try to make time for some extra shut eye for your beauty routine and for your overall health.

Not Hydrating

You've probably heard this one before, but it's definitely worth repeating. Keeping your body hydrated will make your skin go from pretty good to incredible. Water is able to plump the skin, hiding the beginning of fine lines, and it's also a great long term investment for your health.

Not Moisturizing

For a long time, I refused to moisturize my skin fearing it would lead to a break out. However, I now know that dry skin can lead to even more oil product and not moisturizing has been counterintuitive. Moisturizer is a tricky devil. Be careful about the different types and also how much you're applying. Once you've got it done, you'll quickly realize moisturizer is a life saver.

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Skipping Sunscreen

Don't rely on your foundation to cover your sunscreen needs. Keeping your skin in top shape for the long haul means protecting it from exposure to harmful rays. Go crazy with sunscreens and sunscreen products because it's never too early to protect your skin.

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Skipping Anti-Aging Products

While you may not see any visible wrinkles or lines yet, to prevent them from appearing, start using anti-aging products and serums early. Correcting this beauty mistake early means healthier, younger looking skin for a longer amount of time.

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Tweezing Your Eyebrows Too Much

No matter how on fleek your eyebrows may be, you can always run the risk of over plucking, and that's just not a great look. In fact, it can age you, and there's a chance your brow won't grow back for quite some time. Unless you're an expert, leave the tweezing to professionals.

Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

Months of built-up products on brushes can transfer tons of bacteria to your face. Never underestimate the power of a good brush cleaning. Learn how to clean your brushes at home with these DIY tutorials.

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