Where Did Sofia & Joe Tie The Knot?

It's finally come. It's finally happened. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have gotten married in a beautiful ceremony that none of us were invited to. (Still checking the mailbox for my invitation even though the ceremony is already over.) The pair have been talking about their upcoming nuptials for a while now, after making the world jealous of both of them because of what a good-looking couple they are. Now that it's finally happened, I can't help but be curious about every aspect of the ceremony, from Vergara's stunning wedding dress to the light in Manganiello's eyes as he gazed down at her. But, more importantly, where did Vergara and Manganiello's wedding take place? (And why wasn't I invited? Seriously, guys.)

The gorgeous wedding took place in Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday, November 22 at a place called The Breakers Resort. The resort is described on their website as having, " lured generations of discerning travelers to its idyllic, Italian-Renaissance setting. Experience the irresistible charm and storied history of this legendary oceanfront resort, which seamlessly blends with an amazing range of modern amenities." Pre-wedding festivities also took place in Florida during the weekend long celebration of the couple's love, and the ceremony was attended by numerous Modern Family stars and other friends of the pair.

It seems particularly hilarious to me that the couple would set their wedding for the Fall, and then fly out to a location that has Summer weather for the ceremony. But, then again, when I actually think about it, it makes sense. Neither of them are filming anything, and they spend most of their time in L.A. anyway, so they're used to the heat. At the very least, the heat is no longer the oppressive kind that comes with Summer, and is instead more so bearable kind that comes with what Florida calls Autumn.

So, if you've got money in your pocket and want to get married in style like Vergara and Manganiello, The Breakers Resort Palm Beach is the destination that you need to be booking. Personally, I'd rather have my wedding in California than in Florida, but that's a matter of personal taste. And every video and photo from the event seems to show that the couple had an amazing time with each other and with their friends and family, so what more could we ask for really? You know, besides an invitation to the wedding.