How To Use A Beauty Blender In 5 Simple Steps To Get Flawless-Looking Foundation

Ever since the Beauty Blender launched, it has quickly risen to cult-favorite status. But what makes it so different from other makeup sponges out there? And how exactly do you use the Beauty Blender? Well for one thing, the shape and technology of this sponge is totally different from others on the market. The Beauty Blender is shaped like an egg, so that you won't be left with any lines or streaks when applying makeup, and the differently sized base and tip can offer broader or more concentrated application. And because the Beauty Blender optimizes water-retention, it means that it won't absorb liquid products that you use with it, but it also won't dilute your makeup.

While all of this basically means that this sponge will help really press makeup into the skin for a flawless-looking application, that isn't the best part. The best part is how ridiculously easy (and rather fun, I must say) it is to use. Seriously, only five steps will take you from beginning to end, and I'm including preparing and cleaning the thing. So if you're over using brushes or your hands to apply your makeup, here's how to use the Beauty Blender to step up your foundation game.

Beauty Blender, $20, Amazon

1. Wet It

This is the easiest, funnest step. Simply hold your Beauty Blender under a running faucet, and squeeze it so that it can become saturated with water. You'll know it's done when the sponge has become about twice its original size.

2. Squeeze It

Make sure the sponge isn't holding on to any excess water by squeezing it out in a towel. I prefer to use a paper towel unless I've just busted out a new towel from the wash, because germs.

3. Stipple It

The key to applying makeup with the Beauty Blender is using a bouncing or stippling motion instead of a wiping or sweeping motion. (If it looks like I'm doing the latter, it's only because I'm stippling so close to my face.) You can apply makeup to your face or the Beauty Blender first, it doesn't really matter. I've chosen to start by swiping some foundation on my face with my fingers before going in with the Beauty Blender. To blend in the foundation all over my face, I'm using the broader side as it covers more surface area to help speed up the process.

To blend in smaller, more concentrated areas like concealer under the eyes or around the nose, use the pointed side of the Beauty Blender. Remember to use the same bouncing motion as before to really help press the product into the face. Once everything is blended to your liking, that's it. No really, that's it. On to cleaning!

4. Wash It

Because the Beauty Blender comes in direct contact with your face and is used wet, it's so easy for it to harbor bacteria and other nasties. Which is why it's extremely important to wash your Beauty Blender, ideally, after each use. There are a bunch of different ways to clean it, but all it really takes is some good ol' soap and water.

5. Dry It

Again, the wet state of a used Beauty Blender makes it a nice environment for, say it with me: bacteria and mold! So to make sure that it can dry properly and quickly, don't shut it away in a drawer or container. The top of the jar that the Beauty Blender comes in is actually a great place to let it rest so that it can air-dry. You'll know it's dry when you come back the next day and it's magically sitting inside the jar again. Yeah, it's kind of cute like that.

The Beauty Blender retails for $20 online at or or in-stores at Sephora.

Images: Miki Hayes