The Perfect Feline-Inspired Tats For Cat-Lovers

by Sebastian Zulch

When figuring out your next tattoo, taking time to consider the things you love as well as the concepts and symbols that you feel represent who you are can be helpful. Whether you're searching for inspirational quotes, designs that reflect your feminist identity, or tattoos for cat lovers, I'm willing to bet there's something out there for everyone.

There is something about feline-inspired ink in particular that speaks to me. As an animal lover, I can absolutely see the appeal of two pairs of kitty paws or the soft purrs indicative of a satisfying social interaction. And I can completely appreciate the captivating beauty of cat eyes or a beautiful Calico coat. Getting these symbols of feline beauty etched onto your skin is a surefire way of celebrating an animal you feel connected to in a permanent, bold manner.

Whatever your reason for kitty cat devotion is — and whether you're looking to commemorate your favorite pet, want to show off your love for kitties, or just want to channel the feline energies in yourself — there's a tattoo for that. Here are some ways to pay tribute to cats through ink, because everyone knows there is no bond like that between a human and their furry best friend.

1. Quirky

This beautiful design will add a touch of whimsy to your feline obsession. Plus, the cat's one blue eye and one brown eye incorporate a little mystery into its gorgeous face.

2. Geometric

The geometric texture of this kitty's face is so interesting. And the hint of sparkle combined with the cat's hypnotizing eyes makes for a supernatural galactic feel.

3. Finger Ink

What's cuter than having a tiny lil' cat head on your finger? Probably nothing.

4. Cartoonish

Show your love for cats with this simple and adorable cartoon kitty. Just look at that little bowtie!

5. Illustration-Style

This design looks like it's been taken straight out of a children's book about felines who are best friends. Besides, double the kitty, double the cute.

6. Simple

Get a pair of whiskers inked onto your ankle for a more subtle and out-of-the-box way to commemorate your fave pet. Since only part of the kitty's face is visible, it suggests a magical Cheshire Cat-like quality to the feline living on your skin.

7. Sexy Cat Lady

Go even further outside the box, and consider this tattoo of a lady channeling feline power. Plus, the classic tattoo aesthetic ups the sexy aspect of the ink considerably.

8. Water Color Ink

Here, the classic feline tattoo is livened up with a generous splash of water color.

9. Pet Portrait

Immortalize your four-legged bestie by getting a portrait tattoo in their likeness.

10. Beloved Fictional Character

Choose one of your favorite fictional feline characters, like Alice In Wonderland's Cheshire Cat, to highlight your obsession.

11. Abstract

This gorgeous rose contained within the silhouette of a cat is a perfect artsy and abstract tribute to your feline friends.

Cats are cute, but incorporating your kitty love onto your skin? Even cuter.

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Image: shiragal/Flickr