What if 'Her' was a 'Him'?

Do you love Spike Jonze's Golden Globe-winning movie Her ? Well, you might enjoy That's What's Up Comedy's clever parody of the movie, titled Him . It is a gender-swapped spoof of Jonze's story about a human who dates an operating system. In Jonze's movie, dating an OS seems like a relatively normal thing to do. It's not a punchline. Sure, the protagonist's ex-wife is weirded out, but for the most part? It's an accepted part of the future. In Him, however, the "dating an OS" factor is the joke. That, and the OS being a "dude."

When the female protagonist in Him tells a friend she's involved with an OS, his response isn't exactly positive: He makes a face and asks, "Why would you do that?" Of course, it's nice to think that we'd be open-minded like the characters in Her if people started dating computers sometime in the future. But truthfully? Many of us would probably feel more like the friend in Him. Her is a realistic sci-fi story, whereas Him feels like a "too real" sci-fi story.

Worth noting: Bert the OS is far less attentive than Samantha the OS. Oh, gender stuff! I'd love to read the OS version of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus .

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures