How North West Will Probably React To Her New Baby Brother, Now That She's Officially A Big Sister

Since Kim Kardashian first announced that she's pregnant with baby number two, I've been so excited to see her new little one for the first time that I've forgotten about something very important: North West will no longer be an only child. So far, she's spent the first two years of her life as the center of her mom and dad's world, but now that Kardashian and husband Kanye West have welcomed their second baby into their family, things are changing. How will North react to her new little brother? Everyone's favorite celebrity toddler is probably going to feel all the feelings as she adjusts to life as a big sister.

I was a bit older than North was when my younger sister was born, so the whole brand new baby in the house thing was a lot easier to understand. But for North, it could be a little confusing. I don't doubt that she's going to love her baby bro with all her heart (and be an awesome big sis), but there will definitely be an adjustment period, as there always is when a new baby is born. North, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. From one former only child to another, I salute you.

Here's what North is probably going through right now.

When She First Hears The News

It's pretty exciting, right? A new baby! Someone to play with! There's room in this teepee for two!

When She Meets Him For The First Time

Being a big sister is a big deal, and babies are cute. There's nothing not to like! But is there?

But Then, She Quickly Realizes Babies Mean Less Time For Mom & Dad To Play

BRB, staying with Grandma Kris. See you never.

So She Hits Penelope Up For Advice, Since She Has A Little Brother, Too

Sometimes they're the best, sometimes they're the worst. Dance class is for taking a break from all the crying.

And Then, She Realizes What This Would Mean For The Paparazzi

Because Really, Stalking A Toddler? Are They Serious?

So She Decides It Might Just Be Easier To Move In With Khloé

Way less drama, way less babies crying at night. I'm right there with you, North. I want to live with Aunt Khloé, too.

But Then Again, There Is An Upside...

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A new baby means someone else has to suffer through those fashion shows.

And Eventually, He'll Be Fun To Play With

Or, you know, smash your face against glass with, whatevs.

And After All, Nothing Can Change Having Mom & Dad To Herself For Those Two Years

Nothing else makes Kanye West smile. Except for ice cream. Always ice cream.

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