7 Rad Nipple Pasties To Experiment With

I've recently been feeling especially sex and body positive, and have been trying to find ways to celebrate my nude bod. So when I came across a huge selection of fun nipple pasties at a random sex shop in Manhattan last month, I became enthralled with the idea of dressing up my nipples with some seriously adorable (not to mention incredibly sexy) accessories.

My fascination with nipple pasties stems from a personal and individual place. Even though I know they could be great for mutual enjoyment in the bedroom (I'm sure they're a cutely innovative way of enticing your cutie), I have grown invested in getting a pair purely for the body positivity and empowerment of it all. I want to take precious nude photos of myself wearing them, feeling free and totally comfortable along the way. And when I feel bold enough, I'd even love to wear them under a sheer or open top.

Whatever your reason for exploring the world of accessorizing your nips — whether it be for body positive reasons, to spice up your sex routine, to accentuate your nipples in an outfit, or simply out of curiosity — here are some of the cutest ones on the Web.

1. Mermaid

Mermaid Glittering Baby Pink Nipple Pasties, $10, Etsy

I've always wanted to feel like a mermaid. What better way to do just that than with these adorable pasties, which are slightly reminiscent of Ariel's seashell bra? Plus, the glittery finish will really make your nips pop.

2. Tassels

Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Gypsy Rose Tassel Heart Pasties, $26, Your Nipple Covers

Tassels might seem a bit over the top, but they can certainly be fun for any bedroom activities or dancing. Plus, these ones would be great for Valentine's Day.

3. Burlesque Vibes

Burlesque Pasties, $24, Babeland

Channel a little bit of burlesque into your nipple routine with these pasties. Who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you to incorporate a striptease into your bedtime routine.

4. Punk

Bijoux Indiscrets Flash Cross Nipple Cover Pasties, $18, Asos

These speak to my young punk self and remind me of the X's Lady Gaga donned on her own nipples in many a music video. Rock these black X's over your nips to inject a little punk into your look.

5. Cannabis-Inspired

Pastease Glitter Ganja Pasties, $10, I Heart Raves

There's no better way to salute your love of weed than by rocking these adorable pot leaf pasties. Plus, their glittery green quality feels very reminiscent of a Christmas tree, just in time for the holiday season.

6. Killer

Revenge Silver Spike PVC Nipple Pasties, $9, Etsy

I love all things kink and slightly dangerous-looking, so this pair speaks to me on so many levels. Go for a more killer look with these spiked pasties.

7. Quirky

Sequin Covered Pizza Shaped Nipple Pasties, $19, Etsy

Why not use your pasties to showcase your love of food? These are equal parts mouth-watering and fun, and are perfect for pizza lovers as well as sequin aficionados.

Clearly, pasties are a surefire way to enjoy and marvel at your naked bod.

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Images: Courtesy Brands