20 Last-Minute Secret Santa Ideas Anyone Will Love, Because 'Tis The Season For Procrastination

Secret Santa sounds like a really fun holiday tradition... until you pick the name of someone you know almost nothing about, and you realize you have no clue what to give them. Sure, you could resort to easy last-minute Secret Santa ideas like a gift card, but really? That's so boring. You not only feel pressure to get something this person will like, but you also feel pressure to impress the rest of the group (since these things are usually opened when you're all together). On top of all that, you have to find something awesome and unique that is also under a certain budget — and with Secret Santa, that budget is typically low, like $20 or $30. And while inexpensive is better on your wallet, it doesn't always make things easier when picking out the perfect gift.

So, if you're anything like me, you usually end up leaving your Secret Santa shopping to the very last minute, and then start freaking out when you realize you're supposed to give someone a gift tomorrow, and you don't even know where to begin. I've got your back. The below suggestions should work for almost anyone, and they should also be easy to find in a store or mall near you. Take a deep breath, go buy one of these, then sit back and relax with a holiday movie and a glass of wine. You deserve it! Here are 20 easy last-minute Secret Santa gift ideas.

1. Face Masks

I think face masks make a great gift, whether the person you're buying for loves beauty products or isn't super into them. Face masks are fun! As someone who is obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth skincare, I can tell you this gift is an incredible deal. For $25, you can give someone three amazing masks — including a 24k gold one.

Peter Thomas Roth Just Mask It, $25, Sephora

2. Nail Polish

Nail polish is almost always a good gift, especially when it's a brand like Deborah Lippmann. There are tons of options out there, but this one is a limited edition Empire set — so if you know the person you're buying for likes Empire, this is perfect!

Deborah Lippmann Empire Gift Set, $24, Amazon

3. A Travel Makeup Palette

What's better than makeup palettes? Travel makeup palettes. Small palettes make it so much easier to pack your makeup when going away — and they just make a great purse staple. This Smashbox option offers amazing eye shadow colors for a great price.

Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette, $25, Amazon

4. A Desk Calendar

Desk calendars are one of those things you don't realize you need until you have it. This is a nice gift for someone who works in an office. The colorful calendar will brighten things up without taking up too much space. Plus, the travel theme will give anyone major wanderlust.

Travel The World 2016 Desk Calendar, $18, Anthropologie

5. A Coffee Table Book

Unless you know exactly what your person wants to read, pick out a cool-looking coffee table book like this one. These are fun to read and display.

Humans Of New York Book, $18, Amazon

6. A Cocktail Mixer Set

Alcohol is a pretty easy gift to give for Secret Santa, but you run the risk of picking out something someone doesn't like. A cocktail mixer set is more fun, and this option is really cute. You can get this one from Urban Outfitters, or you can probably find something similar in a liquor store near you.

5-Piece Global Cocktail Mixer Set, $16, Urban Outfitters

7. Pretty Candles

Candles may seem like a boring gift, but I personally love to receive them. The trick to making them not boring is to pick a candle that's pleasing to the eye and that smells great. Then, they make cute decorations! You can find pretty candles anywhere, which makes them perfect as a last-minute option.

Aspen Bay Candles Boho Embossed Tin Candle, $15, Urban Outfitters

8. Gloves

I don't know about you, but I feel like I lose a glove every other week during the winter. So, gloves are a great gift! A convertible pair is ideal for smartphone users.

Space-Dye Patch Convertible Gloves, $18, Urban Outfitters

9. A Portable Charger

I think portable chargers make a great gift, because even if you already have one, having a backup (or two) is always helpful. You can find portable chargers pretty much everywhere, but opt for a cute one, like this option from Francesca's. It says "Literally dying," and I need it in my life.

Literally Dying Portable Charger, $20, Francesca's

10. A Small Plant

It's nice to have plants or flowers near a desk or in your bedroom, so even if the person you're buying for isn't particularly into flowers, it still makes a nice gift. This little bonsai tree is a good example — it's cute, and kind of unexpected. Air plants are also enjoying a moment right now, and you can find small plants in any florist near you.

Miniature Indoor Bonsai Tree, $16, Urban Outfitters

11. Earrings Set

Buying for someone with pierced ears? Get a little set of cute earrings that anyone would appreciate. You can find inexpensive sets like this one almost anywhere — I love the lace.

Valencia Stud Earring Trio, $18, Francesca's

12. A Classic Scarf

Scarves are just one of those things you can never get enough of. It might not be the most unique gift in the world, but it will more than likely be useful. This checkered one will go with anything, and it's an infinity scarf, which makes it even better.

Check Me Out Infinity Scarf, $24, Gypsy Warrior

13. A Cool Mug

Mugs are another item you can never have enough of. This photography-themed mug is amazing, and perfect for anyone who likes to take pictures. Plus, cute mugs are also usually pretty inexpensive.

Pour and Shoot Mug, $6, Amazon

14. A Jewelry Holder

A cute, decorative jewelry holder makes an adorable present. If you can find a cheap one, get an inexpensive, simple piece of jewelry to go with it — or just gift this on its own!

Tons Of Help Ring Holder, $14.99, Modcloth

15. A Makeup Bag Or Pouch

Little pouches like these are super helpful. They don't only need to be used to carry makeup. They're also great to put in your handbag to hold lots of little items. These can be found anywhere, but this one is especially cute.

Looking Good Makeup Bag, $25, ban.do

16. Earbuds

Earbuds are yet another item you can't really have enough of. Even if someone has a trusty pair, a backup is always great. A lot of earbuds or headphones can be pricey, but these are under $20 and are so fun.

Ear Buddies Disco and Lilac, $16, ban.do

17. A Notebook

Notebooks are necessary whether you have a full time job, are in school, or just like to be organized. There are hundreds of cute options out there and they're almost always affordable.

ban.do Stay Focused Wired Mini Notebook, $15.50, ASOS

18. Hand Cream

When you REALLY don't know what to get someone, you can't go wrong with hand cream. It's useful and it's pretty! This collection is really great — the packaging is awesome, and Pacifica has terrific products.

Pacifica Hand Cream Trio, $18, Ulta

19. Bath Bombs

Who doesn't love bath bombs? They're just something you don't buy yourself often, which makes them a cute gift. Bath bombs and other bath accessories can be found almost anywhere, but if you have time to run to Lush, get one of their small wrapped gifts. It requires literally no work, and they're always a crowd-pleaser.

The Night Before Christmas Set, $14.95, Lush

20. A Fun Travel Mug

Travel mugs are always useful, even if someone already has one. Pick out a cute one — they're everywhere — and if you want, you can add a little bag of coffee or tea, or even a small Starbucks gift card.

Coffee Until Wine Travel Mug, $20, Francesca's

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