See Kylie Jenner's New Take On The Crop Top

When you live in warm and sunny California, crop tops are a year-round, wardrobe staple. Cali resident Kylie Jenner loves crop tops and her latest version of the abdomen-baring basic is like none she's ever worn before. That's due to the voluminous sleeves. So. Much. Volume. So yeah, this crop top was anything but basic. Just like its wearer.

The reality starlet posed for a mirror selfie — her favorite social media move— in a tailored two-piece ensemble with high-waisted pants and crop top that had super wide arm openings. It was like Jenner could fly if she flapped her arms. Her sleeves had wingspan. They were like bell bottoms, but for her arms.

And you know what? The top looked utterly amazing on her. The youngest Jenner sister has cornered the market on crop tops, much like Britney Spears did in the '00s when she reigned supreme.

The top was loose-fitting and didn't hug her cleavage, like so many bra-like crop tops. The overall construction was loose and full, like the sleeves. The neutral fabric added a "profesh" vibe to her ensemble. Since Jenner is all of 18, I am used to seeing her in fun, youthful crop tops. This was a crop top on a whole other level.

This look isn't for everyone, thanks to the width and the overall bulk of the material. But Jenner slayed it. I mean, would you expect anything less from her?

Here's Jenner's usual clingy crop top. It's young and appropriate, for sure. But it's not on a whole other level.

More abdomen-showing! That's her thing.

Jenner certainly dared to bare this fall!

If you like to wear crop tops but want to elevate them from a summery, street style piece and rock 'em in winter, you do have choices. This warm and fuzzy, cable knit ivory sweater is cropped with a turtleneck. It's classic yet still sexy and can be worn to any festive fetes this holiday season. Add wide-legged trousers or a slim pencil skirt. ($59,

You could also get multi-season use out of this black and white print crop top with a boho vibe and loose sleeves! You can add a leather mini and pumps or a black pencil skirt. ($33,

Obviously, crop tops aren't just athleisure pieces. They can be translated into high fashion and chic looks. As always, you have to style them properly and with other statement, structured pieces.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (4); Courtesy of Lulus (2)