This Reddit Q&A with Snoop Lion Will Make Your Day

Sing it with us: Logging onto Reddit and answering his own questions — these are a few of Snoop Lion's favorite things. The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg, took to the social media network Monday night to answer questions from fans, and the results will make your day. Fo shizzle.

Though his answers to whether he's smoked a one-ounce blunt (yes, for the record), or who should be the rightful King of Westeros on Game of Thrones (Daenerys Targaryen or "tha midget") are hilarious, even better is Snoop Lion's bizarre list of favorite things. See some of his more curious life choices below:

Reddit: Snoop, what's your favorite cartoon?Snoop: keep futurama comin jacc !

What's your favorite place on earth?earth

What is your favorite way to cure cottonmouth?skittles

What's your favorite animal?doggs. lions. walruseses.

What is your favorite candy bar?imma jolly ranchers red vines n starbust kinda guy

Favorite munchies?bbq twists

Snoop! iPhone or Android?i got both. im rich

Bonus: During the question and answer session, Snoop often didn't even wait for Reddit to weigh in with their queries. On these two occasions, Snoop asked himself these questions:

Snoop: Whats ur favorite cereal?? Im flipping this AMA.Snoop: Captain Crunch! The peanut butter ones

If u were a soup what kind of soup would u be?alphabet soup

Double Bonus: Proof that the rapper needs to be involved with J.J. Abram's Star Wars prequels:

Reddit: What character in the Star Wars Universe would you smoke weed with and why?Snoop: darth vader - he need help wit his breathn !! darth vaporizer UHEARME