15 Of The Quirkiest Socks You Can Buy

by Gina Jones 2

Just because socks are a staple part of almost every outfit, it doesn't mean that they have to be boring. You can make them steal the show by incorporating some knee-high quirky socks or ones with just a little hint of glitter into your look to keep your glamour consistent from head to toe. I believe in committing to an outfit fully, and even if nobody will see them, keeping your socks consistent with your style is just a little something extra you can do for yourself.

When it comes to buying quirky socks, the fashion world luckily has more styles, lengths, and materials for your feet than I could have ever imagined. This means that your sock accessorizing doesn't have to be limited to someone else's idea of quirky. Rather, you can find the footsie friends that are the perfect fit for your style.

For me, owning a wide selection of cute, quirky, and comfy socks is a way I can treat myself. It's kind of like the cheap thrill you get from wearing a matching bra and panties set. You look great. You know you look great. And you feel like you have some kind of grasp on your life. If my words aren't enough to convince you, I'm sure this selection of socks will.

1. Cheetos Socks

Cheetos Socks, $12.95,

These novelty socks are quirky, funny, and represent my favorite thing about America: Cheetos. You can use this flaming hot pair to spice up any outfit with a little lighthearted humor.

2. Van Gogh Socks

Starry Night Knee Sock, $11.98,

I'm actually wearing these socks while I write this, and I can promise you that not only are they beautiful, but that they're also comfy as hell.

3. Unicorn Sheer Socks

Unicorn Sheer Panel Socks. $7.50,

These are honestly too cute, especially for such a simple design. They would look perfect peeping over a pair of your favorite trainers.

4. Rihanna's Stance Collection

Bitch What Toe Socks, $24,

I love this take on toe socks. Who wouldn't want knuckle tats for their feet?

5. Rainbow Toe Socks

Rainbow Toe Socks, $18,

For one year in elementary school, every girl in my grade received a pair of these in their holiday stocking. They might be nowhere near as comfortable as they look like they should be, but the nostalgia feelings hit hard.

6. Optical Illusion Socks

Filled Optic Socks, $12,

These are kind of hard to look at for too long, but would totally brighten up any look that needed a little something extra.

7. Blue Striped Socks

Baby, It's Blue Socks, $12,

What I love about these socks is what isn't there. The transparent detailing takes them to a whole other level of cute.

8. Shirt Socks

Shirt Socks, $26,

What's the opposite of dress socks? Shirt socks, duh. These are honestly some of the coolest socks I've ever seen.

9. Dog Socks

Monki Cissi Sock Animal, $9,

Style should be a representation of yourself and your interests. Personally, I am hugely interested in dogs. So what could be better than these totally adorable dog socks? There are even some added clouds, because why not?

10. Cupcake Socks

Pink Cupcake Socks, $14,

These socks are totally Lolita and look too fragile to be worn for anything more than an Instagram pic. But they'll make for one damn cute snap.

11. Rihanna's Stance Collection (Part 2)

Frosty (Black) Socks, $24,

These over the knee fluffy socks come in three colors, and each pair is to die for.

12. Fishnet Ankle Socks

Fishnet Ankle Socks, $8,

These might give off a kind of fetish vibe at first. But I promise, these socks are perfect for bringing a little bit of edge to your footwear.

13. Art Socks

Famous Collection Paintings Socks, $6.69,

These ones are kind of like the Starry Night socks, but a lot more wearable. You can show off your artsy side with a creative sock choice, and even mix up the pairs for that real art student vibe.

14. Glitter Socks

ASOS Glitter Socks, $7.50,

If your outfit doesn't have glitter in it, is it even an outfit? These are perfect for making you feel a little more glamorous inside your practical winter shoes.

15. Tie Dye Knee Socks

Tie Dye Knee Socks, $13.98,

These '90s-inspired socks will not only add warmth to your look, but style.

Socks can just be socks, sure (buy a multi-pack of seven black pairs and carry on with your life). But they can also be a little way to further your own self expression. If I can bring a little bit more fun to any aspect of my life, then I'm definitely going to. Socks this cute are a perfect way to do exactly that.

Images: Courtesy Brands