7 Perfectly Preppy Over-The-Knee Socks For Fall

Transitioning from spring/summer to autumn/winter is never an easy feat, and with the changing weather it's sometimes impossible to know what to wear from one day to the next. Why not make it a little easier on yourself by investing in some pretty, preppy over-the-knee socks for fall? Never has there been such a simple yet chic accessory, if you ask me.

Thigh high socks and I have been friends for quite some time. Our relationship spans way back to the '90s when Britney Spears released her schoolgirl-inspired video "...Baby One More Time," which was around the same time my obsession with Sailor Moon began. Between the two of them, my adoration of nautical inspired uniforms was kick-started.

I forgot about this beloved hosiery for a while, until I started watching Gossip Girl and I saw Blair Waldorf and her incredibly stylish friends wearing over-the-knee socks and tights that matched their outfits. They were the most well-dressed students I had ever seen and to this day I would do anything for Queen B's wardrobe — but especially her vast array of thigh-highs.

You too can be inspired by this selection of over-the-knee socks that make traversing the transitional weather a little easier, while ensuring you exude preppy cool, of course.

1. The Kitty Cat Socks

LOVEsick Grey Kitty Over-The-Knee Socks, $9,

Look like the cat's meow in these adorable kitty cat socks.

2. The Two Tone Socks

Tone Of Choice Thigh Highs In Goldenrod And Navy, $15,

Mustard yellow and navy are two colors that are perfect for fall, so why not combine them with these quirky two tone socks?

3. The Varsity Style Socks

Stripey Over The Knee Socks, $14,

Show some team spirit in these majorly preppy, varsity style socks.

4. The Ribbon Socks

LOVEsick Black And Pink Bow Over-The-Knee Socks, $9,

Pink is set to be a winner in the styles stakes this autumn/winter, so why not add a splash of this feminine shade to your ensemble with these black socks featuring fuchsia ribbons?

5. The Foxy Lady Socks

Fur The Win Thigh Highs In Fox, $20,

IMO, foxy fashion and foxes in general are the epitome of autumnal chicness. Look like a total vixen in these foxy socks.

6. The Harry Potter House Socks

Harry Potter Gryffindor Over-The-Knee Socks, $9,

Why not let your inner Harry Potter nerd shine through in a fashionable way by wearing some Gryffindor socks? You'll be able to support your Quidditch team in style.

7. The Quirky Rainbow Socks

Tie Dye Thigh High Socks, $10,

Who says fall fashion has to be dull and boring? With these kooky, rainbow colored socks you'll be anything but!

With these socks in your arsenal, you'll be redefining the meaning of "prep chic" soon enough.

Images: Courtesy Brands