Will Rihanna X Puma Creepers Be Restocked?

by May Sofi

When RiRi announced she would be coming out with a second installment of her ever-popular Rihanna x Puma creepers on November 20th, she nearly broke the internet. The first collection launched back in September sold out in just a few hours, so it's no surprise this second batch is nearly sold out just days after being re-released. For those of us who missed the chance to snag a pair of the covetable kicks in both rounds, there is just one question left: will Rihanna's Puma creepers be restocked? Bustle has reached out to Puma for comment and has not yet heard back.

We may not know for sure if Puma will be rolling out anymore sneaks, but it's not looking good. High-profile collaborations, such as this one, don't seem to often be restocked. Footwear News reported earlier this month that collabs of this magnitude are rarely restocked. This was specifically in reference to the H&M x Balmain line, but I imagine the same applies here. After all, these creepers are about as buzzy. Still, Rihanna did decide to come out with a second wave of the sought-after sneakers this month (in additional colors and sizes), so perhaps she will surprise us again with more of the fashion-y goodness soon!

With the insane amount of buzz and anticipation leading up to this second Rihanna X Puma line, which includes three new colors, I'm not really surprised that these babies are flying off the selves. NYC's SoHo store even went as far as opening doors at midnight on the 20th to let the slew of shoppers in, so it's safe to say it has been quite the success. Until we know for sure if there will be another reissuing of the creepers, I'll be praying to the fashion Gods.

Ugh. My heart is breaking.

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