Teen Posts About Chilling Effects Of Ecstasy

In middle school D.A.R.E. class, it was all too easy to ignore the warnings against drug use — they can kill you, they can ruin your life, they can heavily impair you — but could one pill, one puff, one prick really do anything? So maybe your teachers and parents couldn't convince you, but I bet this young man's video about a bad ecstasy pill reaction will grab your attention now.

Because the danger in drug use isn't just about excess and overdosing and a slow building catastrophe, it's about the possibility that one pill could indeed change or end your life. Because drugs are not legal, they are not regulated or tried or tested — users are the testers and it can take a death to get the review back to the supplier and often does.

For Jordy Hurdes, an Australian teenager who was into the party and ecstasy scene, it was a matter of one bad pill that almost took his life that got him out of it for good. An unexpected brush with death that left doctors scratching their heads and family counting their blessings, left Jordy heavily impaired. Suffering from constant muscle spasms and a verbal stutter, Jordy is tired, scared, and in pain, but happy to be alive. Grateful for a second chance, he has taken to social media to spread his message: it's not worth it.

While many drug users might feel protected by a blind confidence that addiction does not have its grasp on them, Jordy makes a case for the "it only takes one bad pill" argument. Because drug users can tell themselves that addiction won't get them, but they cannot hide from the fact that one bad pill or puff or prick could "get" them. And the only way to protect against the possibility, is to not do drugs. Just ... don't do them. Do not do drugs. Listen to Jordy Hudres – it's not worth it.

Watch the video here:

Image: Facebook