Moms Recreate Their Daughter's Selfies

by Lily Feinn

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to selfies, that perhaps doesn't apply. Elite Daily deviously had a group of moms recreate their daughter’s selfies, and unsurprisingly, not all of their daughters were super thrilled by this experiment. This is all part of the painful yet inevitable process of our parents joining social media. If it hasn't happened yet, one day soon, your mom is going to do a google search and figure out how to sign up for “that Facebook thingy.” Once she sets up a profile and discovers that all her friends and relatives are on Facebook, even the ones she lost touch with 20 years ago, she will be thrilled. In no time at all, she will become a power user — commenting on updates, liking pictures, posting clickbait. Nothing will slip by her notice. But that won’t be enough. Soon she’ll be on Pinterest, on Instagram, on Twitter! Her presence will consume your feed, until you have nowhere but a brief shining moment on Snapchat to post that cute picture of you at a party holding a beer without your mom commenting, “Don’t drink too much sweetie :).”

Let this video be a warning to you, oh selfie takers. The parents are coming. They all have iPhones, and tablets, and know how to use filters and emojis. And who knows? They might just out-selfie us one of these days. Even Kim K, the selfie queen herself, is a mom now. So then just how close did these moms get to mimicking their daughters selfies?

At first, it was a bit of a struggle. The quest for taking the perfect selfie can be a endeavor on par with climbing Everest. Everything from the angle to the hairdo poses obstacles to surmount, but these moms were definitely up for the challenge!

After many failed attempts, the moms produced some pretty convincing replicas. Watching your mom do the cute head tilt that has taken you years to perfect may be super embarrassing, but luckily for us, makes for an adorable video.

Everything is cool just as long as she doesn't work the backwards hat better than you do, right?

Enjoy the entire selfie experiment here:

Images: YouTube