These Hilarious Beaver Moon Memes Are The Only Logical Way To Celebrate An Astrological Event With A Name This Good

The upcoming November full moon, otherwise known as the Beaver Moon, has been garnering excessive attention from meme-makers everywhere due to its unusual, undeniably amusing name. In actuality, this full moon, also known as the Frosty Moon, looks quite similar to most other full moons, which have also earned their own intriguing names. In past centuries, the November full moon alerted New England Algonquin tribes and colonists alike that it was time to set out the beaver traps because as the Midwest already knows, winter is coming.

Apparently, beavers instinctively knew it too. The traps were particularly effective during this time of the year because the buck-toothed animals became more active once they knew it was time to start preparing for the cold season. Most of us aren't venturing out into the snow to set up beaver traps anymore because we have North Faces for warmth but inevitably, the meme world is having a heyday. Besides giving astrologists something new to interpret, these various images show us what to expect on Nov. 25, Thanksgiving eve.

Don't be surprised if you thoughtfully gaze up into the night sky and see a beaver's furry face superimposed onto the surface of the moon. Really, anything could happen.

Just remember, these beavers are wise old shaman.

That one has even inspired some mystical event flyers. Full Moon Fever, here we come.

And some fun 5k runs with free shirts...

And it managed to bring this one back from the dead.

Images:; (1, 2); Big Sky Works Brooklyn; Heartland Endurance Sports; John Ueland/Tumblr