Hillary E. Crawford

Hillary Crawford is an Associate Lifestyle Editor at Bustle who bridges the gap between news and lifestyle coverage, in addition to overseeing tech and identity pieces. She works with a team of writers to publish meaningful commentary and analysis through quick reporting, and specializes in spearheading evergreen and service angles. She works remotely from California. Before moving over to Team Lifestyle in July 2019, Hillary worked her way up in the News Team, starting out as an intern in 2015, and moving up to Associate News Editor the following year. Before that, she worked as a Policy Contributor at GenFKD and an Assistant Editor for the University of Michigan’s College Of Engineering. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Honors Political Science from the University of Michigan. In her free time, Hillary is probably on a camping trip, hiking, surfing, or skating (and trying to GoPro all of it). You can follow her on Twitter at @hill_crawf and learn more about her work on LinkedIn. *Promises her online portfolio is coming soon.*