How To Pop A Pimple As Safely As Possible

There is nothing worse than feeling a pimple brewing from underneath your skin, and then diving in too early to pop it. Despite all the advice out there not to, sometimes pimple popping is just unavoidable and I uncovered exactly when and how to pop a pimple so you can do so as safely as possible. Be careful!

I remember my worst pimple popping horror story was actually while I was shooting this really fun rom-com called 16-Love (it's on Netflix and stars Pretty Little Liars ' Lindsey Shaw!). I had this epic (and I mean epic) pimple above my right eyebrow and it was one of those really deep ones that you can't actually see, but can definitely feel. Anyway, I prematurely pushed and poked and ended up completely wrecking my forehead. Luckily, makeup artist Karol Young Moses at I.C Artistry was a pro at hiding the tragic pimple incident, but it was such a disaster that you'll notice my hair is parted super far to the right instead of left to cover it in two scenes of the movie. Yikes.

If you're currently in the same boat, follow the steps below in this video from Dr. Oz shared on Medical Daily to "Never squeeze a pimple, because when you squeeze a pimple, you macerate it," which can lead to scarring. Fight the urge, people.

1. Determine If Pimple Is Ready advises making absolutely sure you see a full whitehead formed on top of the pimple before doing anything.

2. Disinfect A Sewing Needle

One of the best tools to pierce a pimple is a sewing needle. Make sure you sterilize it with an alcohol wipe.

3. Gently Prick The Pimple's Surface

The key word here is "gently." You should barely be applying pressure.

4. Wrap A Tissue Around Both Fingers And Squeeze Pimple

Using a downward motion, apply pressure to side of pimple until you see just a little blood. Then stop and wash your face with cleanser.

5. Don't Force It

Health magazine stressed that, "if [puss] doesn't come out after a few tries, stop!" Your pimple might need more time before it's ready.

Watch the full video from below:

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