Jennifer Lawrence Knows How To Dress For Winter

When this group of gal pals gets together, it’s sure to be fabulous. Jennifer Lawrence wore a shearling jacket and lace top to hang out with Emma Stone and Adele. Like I said, nothing would have made this get-together anything short of amazing, but her outfit was almost as incredible as the power-house women she surrounded herself with.

The look was cute and cozy, and I’m sure — not something that would cause her to trip and fall. So, between her OOTD and her friends, Lawrence was in for a great night. Her sheer lace top was sexy, but surely not anything to keep her warm, hence the big, furry jacket. This outfit serves as the perfect example that shearling will keep you warm no matter what you pair underneath it. So, it’s really just the kind of thing you need this winter. Lawrence’s jacket was chic and black (to match her lace top) with a shearling lining along the inside and on the collar. Because, yes, even this material can be fancy.

Thankfully, there are a variety of different jackets made in this fabric that you can shop this winter. See Lawrence’s amazing outfit and be inspired to pair shearling with all of your holiday dresses and other not-so-warm pieces to keep you feeling the heat in the cold.

I'm loving this winter chic thing she's got going on.

You can't go wrong with a killer outfit and an amazing friend group.

1. Longline Shearling

Faux Shearling Vest, $117, ASOS

With this belted around your waist, you'll be perfectly cozy all through the night.

2. Shearling & Fur

Serena Willams Plus Size Faux Shearling Jacket With Faux Fur Collar, $99.95, HSN

Mix and match your furry fabrics this season by combining shearling and fur.

3. Gray Shearling Jacket

Faux Shearling Lined Duffle Coat, $72.90, Forever 21

Because sometimes a casual look is the best option.

4. Monochrome Shearling

Plus Size Faux Shearling Jacket, $36.90, Wet Seal

All-one color is the best.

5. Aviation-Style Shearling

Savvy Aviator Jacket, $89.99, ModCloth

I just love the fluffy collar and sleeves, don't you?

6. Draped Shearling

Plus Size Faux Shearling Draped Jacket, $79, Dressbarn

You'll be so chic and warm in this coat.

7. Inside-Out Shearling

Shearling Coat In '70s Styling, $305, ASOS

Shearling on the inside and outside is serving double-duty as far as warmth goes.

Now, all you need is a group of amazing ladies to hang with because you've got this staying chic in the cold thing down pat.

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