Penelope Disick's Tank Is Def North West-Approved

P's latest look has North written all over it — no, really. OK, so maybe not all over it, but Kourtney Kardashian's daughter wore a tank top with a pretty clear shout-out to her stylish cousin. The always-adorable Penelope Disick wore a "What Would North Do" shirt on Sunday, and it's just too stinking cute.

During her weekend outing with mom and equally cute big brother Mason, Penelope wore leggings and stylish black sneaks with her headline-making tank. The black-on-black's a subtle homage to North, too, no? The gold block letters popped on the dark ensemble, giving everyone a good look at the ever-present question on her mind.

So, what would North do? Turn her head to display her sparkling diamond studs? Post a sexy throwback pic of Kim on IG? It's hard to say. But Penelope's got that nonchalant paparazzi expression on lock, so that's a start. And that sassy hand — ugh. I can't. Too cute.

Still waiting on North to break out that "What Would Penelope Do" tee, though. It's only fair, considering they're BFFs. But I guess I won't hold my breath on that one.

The question on my mind: Does this come in my size?

Sure, North is better known as the fashion-forward one of the pair (never thought I'd say that about a two-year-old.) But P's got a pretty cute wardrobe going for her, too. Here are five style lessons North can learn from her cousin:

It's OK To Wear Bright Colors

I love North's standard blush, cream, and black pieces, too, but tots are supposed to wear bright colors sometimes, right?

Horizontal Stripes Can Be Super Cute

Penelope rocks a crop top like the best of 'em, and proves that horizontal stripes are nothing to be afraid of. (Hear that, Kim?)

Pair Black With Other Hues

North is the queen of the black-on-black toddler outfit, but it's OK to incorporate a little pink here and there.

Sunnies Are A Cali Girl's Best Friend

Stylish and functional for a true beach bum.

Baby Boho Is Too Cute Not To Try

Not pictured: tasseled cowboy boots that will melt your heart.

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