Trish Walker Is A 'Jessica Jones' Hero In Disguise

Trish and Jessica have a strained relationship on Jessica Jones. But, even though they are distant and sometimes don't quite see eye-to-eye, one couldn't exist without the other. Jessica's best friend, and former child star, might not be the superhero in the friendship, but there are a handful of situations where Trish is a real superhero on Jessica Jones . Because you don't need to be "gifted" to be declared a superhero in my world, and Trish Walker is a total badass that deserves to be celebrated.

Trish has proved on Jessica Jones that she is just as powerful as her best friend, just in different ways. After her own past experiences, she has taken control of her life and grown stronger by ways of physical defense and a really thick steel door. Throughout the season, Trish proved time and time again to have Jessica's back. Arguably, Jessica probably wouldn't have been able to do half of what she did without Trish's help.

So, in honor of all the things Trish has done for herself and her loved ones, let's look back at some of Trish's most superhero moments, without being a real superhero.

1. When She Vowed To Be By Jessica's Side

Trish would rather be in the line of fire than abandon Jessica.

2. When She Called Out Kilgrave

Going on-air to a ton of viewers and calling out Kilgrave for controlling people's minds is a risky move that not a lot of people would ever want to do. So kudos to Trish for actually doing it.

3. When She Shut Down Simpson

Not right now, Simpson.

4. When She Donned This Superhero Outfit

It's a little cliche, but it was nice that she at least tried to come up with a outfit for superhero Jessica Jones.

5. When She Said This

Someone had to say it.

6. When She Became A Ninja

This, right here. Straight up superhero.

7. When She Said She Wanted To Save The World

I think the world would welcome you as a superhero — cough, Hellcat — any day, Trish.

Images: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix; AceLukes (2), Fitzsimmonss, bisexualisekeating, ainokiseki (5)/Tumblr