Photos Of Laquan McDonald Protests Show That Chicago Citizens Are Still Searching For Justice

More than a year after the fatal police shooting of Chicago teen Laquan McDonald, state officials on Tuesday released video footage of the incident in accordance with a court order. Chicagoans have responded to the video's release by taking to the streets in protest of McDonald's violent death, and photos of the Chicago protests show citizens' continued resentment toward law enforcement's handling of McDonald and subsequent dealing with the incident.

The grisly footage shows McDonald walking away from police officers in the middle of the street when officer Jason Van Dyke opened fire at the teenager. Van Dyke proceeded to shoot McDonald 16 times, the majority of which happened while McDonald was reportedly already lying on the ground. McDonald was holding a knife throughout the incident and used it to slash at the tires of a police cruiser before he was shot.

While numerous groups made requests that video of McDonald's death be made public, police refused to release the footage for months. Upon the video's release on Tuesday, Chicago Major Rahm Emanuel urged citizens across the city to remain peaceful, despite the graphic nature of the video clip. "I understand people will be upset and will want to protest when they see this video," Emanuel said at a press conference.

And the people of Chicago did choose to protest. Paying no heed to Mayor Emanuel's words, citizens marched in the streets of the city to demonstrate in response to the release of the dash cam video.